Video of public portion of the Annual Meeting held on Feb 26 2022.
pdated information from our awesome Councilman Bert Perello
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We had a great turnout for the annual meeting, although a few people reported issues with zoom letting them in.

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NOTE: Following our Annual Meeting Bert Perello sent an email requesting answers for questions asked about the new Trash Pick-up.
This is the response from: Vasquez-Housley, Todd <>

Council Member Perello,

My apologies for not taking your call or responding yesterday. I was out for an emergency eye procedure.
Here are the answers to your questions. I have cc’d our Recycling Manager, Jill Santos and Chief of Collections, Ignacio Carrillo as well.
1) First a question about space limitation for three (3) containers as some of these homes have limited space on their lots . A suggestion was poised about consolidating a green waste container at the end of cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood . I was told a similar thing was done in the past years (??) with a large unit placed there . I did explain that being food waste was now involved the attraction to vermin could cause problems but I would ask.
I don’t see a problem with consolidation – I will have our Chief of Collections, Ignacio Carrillo contact the customers and look at the location to see if that is workable.
2) Second question was now that three (3) containers were being picked up wouldn’t the costs go up nearly a third (1/3) ? I explained that the law goes into effect next year and City was implementing it now so the kinks could be worked out ; and extra cost would hopefully be less then fines imposed if law not followed (??) .
First, we can not increase costs without going through a formal rate study process. This process allows for public input. It does seem logical that an extra trip would directly coralate to an increase of 1/3, but there are many moving parts in the collection operation that factor in. The same argument can be made that since we collect weekly, there is less material each week than waiting for every other week as we did in the past. When we do get to the point of doing another rate study, this will be studied and all the factors considered. At this time, we are not increasing costs to perform weekly collection.
3) Third what specific type of bag/containers does City want waste food items placed into then put in green waste recycle containers ?
Any plastic bag will work. Zip lock, plastic grocery bag, plastic Lowe’s or Home Depot bag. There is no need to purchase specialized bags. Whatever works for the customer based on the volume of food waste they are disposing of. We are asking not to use paper bags at this time. There is a much higher c chance that a paper bag will break open and contaminate the green waste.
4) Last how and who pulls out food waste from green waste as the refuse trucks disgorge their collections
This task is performed by our tipping floor and sorter staff at the Del Norte Facility.

I hope I have answered your questions. If you have anything further I am always available by cell at 805-890-3153 to talk. Thank you!



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