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  2. Local elections are important! It’s difficult to get info if they support CI needs. As an organization, are there local candidates we should be backing?

    • Great Question!
      We have some interesting choices. I think it helps to get a background on all of them.

      County Board of Supervisors
      Tim Flynn is running against Carmen Ramirez for County Board of Supervisors for our District – the seat that has been held by John Zaragosa.
      Tim Flynn
      Carmen Ramirez

      For Oxnard elections the candidate race that will impact us is for Mayor.
      Candidates for Oxnard Mayor are:

      John Zaragosa – Past County Board of Supervisors and past council member in Oxnard.

      Deierdre Frank – She is an attorney and has been on the Planning Commission for Oxnard for many years
      I found this interesting as on overview for some who may not be aware of who she is:
      “One choice is a woman who has led our Planning Commission, accumulating an admirable record of prudence and fairness between development and environmentalism. Deidre Frank is well known in Oxnard as an attorney and a fighter for causes like pesticide-exposed farmworkers and protection for Ormond Beach wetlands. Frank would bring a fresh perspective and years of pertinent experience. She is aware of the daunting economic, civic and moral challenges our city faces. And she is no pushover. We have not had a female mayor since 1974.”

      Then there are the MEASURES:
      The best information I have seen on the measures are covered in some very awesome videos put together by Gabe Teran – a bright young man with a talent for making information accessible to all!
      Gabe’s Channel:

      Measure L – which gives the elected Treasurer the authority of Finance director! This is a problem! Please vote NO!
      (click for Measure L Video)

      Neighborhood Council hosted a meeting on all measures:


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