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Boat related urgent matters in the harbor, 24/7

For any boat related urgent matters in the harbor, 24/7, please use the Police Department Dispatch line 1-805-385- 7740 or Fire 1-805-385-7722 (both of those numbers are on the City’s website in the “Departments” section).
During business hours please call Code Compliance, 1-805-385-7940 x9. Please note that the Code Compliance line is not monitored after hours.

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Homeless Activity

We are in proximity to the Casa Serena encampment, the dunes and Edison Canal encampment and the Power Plant encampment.
Theft crime and break ins have increased. We are also concerned about fire and water pollution.

We were referred to:
Jessica Petrillo – Homeless Assistance 805-385-8044 office
805-889-2493 cell

We also spoke with Officer Kohr, who requested we contact him or Oxnard PD
If we see any suspicious activity contact
In the event of an emergency call 911



Pools and Spas

In a recent seawall inspection with the City Engineer, we mentioned the existence of a permitted in-ground pool in the neighborhood. We asked if the permitting of in-ground pools or spas contained any enhance engineering requirements to mitigate any infringement on the integrity of seawalls.

We were referred to Vytautas “Vyto” Adomaitis Director

Community Development Department

214 S C Street | Oxnard, CA 93030 O: tel:1-805-385-7882 | F: 805-385-7417

His response:
Building & Engineering verifies that pools adjoining waterways in the Channel Islands Harbor area are not imposing additional loading on, or otherwise affecting the integrity of the seawalls. We also verify that the presence of the constructed pool will not infringe on any maintenance easements owned by the City. There are different designs for the seawalls among the different housing tracts in this area that affect the ability of a pool to be permitted.

In the older tracts (Mandalay), pools may not be possible due to the location of seawall maintenance easements, while in Seabridge or Westport there are locations where a pool could be allowed.

For any additional questions regarding in ground pools and associated engineering requirements, please contact Asst. Director/Building Official, Jeff Pengilley, at 805-385- 8208.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

We requested confirmation on the City’s position on ADUs as there appears to be some disparity between State and Coastal Commission positions.
We were referred to Vytautas “Vyto” Adomaitis Director

Community Development Department

214 S C Street | Oxnard, CA 93030 O: 805-385-7882 | F: 805-385-7417

His response:
Within the City of Oxnard, Accessory Dwelling Units are not currently allowed in the Coastal Zone.
In addition, we met with Coastal Commission staff in August 2020, and we discussed the recent changes in state law which generally allows ADUs in residential zones except within the Coastal Zone. The CCC staff encouraged us, and other coastal cities, to allow ADUs within the Coastal Zone. CCC staff suggested that we look at Santa Cruz’s ADU Coastal regulations which provide ADU restrictions / reasons for denial based on lack of parking. As part of the Housing Element, City staff did not propose and City Council did not provide direction to amend our LCP to allow ADUs in the Coastal Zone. For any additional questions regarding ADUs, please contact Planning Manager, Scott Kolwitz, at 805-385-3919.