Welcome Homeowners!

Property owners – watch your mail for an important flyer for an upcoming meeting on June 10th at 7 PM on Zoom!

Due to high property turnover we are mailing instructions for signup to registered property owners.

EVEN if you have signed up for updates in the past you must complete the new sign-up for this meeting!




CIWHA_Dues_Form-2021 (fillable PDF)
Send it together with your 2020 dues ($50) to:
1237 S. Victoria Avenue – Box 197
Oxnard, CA 93035

IMPORTANT: there is a $1.80 transaction fee for online payments - it is automatically included in the payment amount. If you are paying by Creditcard or paypal please enter your Mandalay Property Address as Shipping Address if different from Billing address on the payment forms that will appear when you click the Pay Dues button!!

If you own a dock home in Mandalay Bay you can join Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association. The signup form on this page will put you on the list for homeowner only meeting notices and information.

We have a second list that we send informational updates to that you may also want to be on and you can also sign up for updates on this page: https://channelislandsca.com/be-in-the-know/

You will never receive duplicate messages if you are on both lists – and we will not spam you or share your information ever!