The Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association is a volunteer organization.

The Association does not own any common areas, nor does the Association contract out any services.

The Associations primary mission is to serve as a liaison between the City of Oxnard and the homeowners.

The only insurance the Association carries to cover the members of the board. The Association does not provide any insurance for any attached or individual homes.

There is no pending litigation in regards to the Homeowners Association. There are no pending assessments from the CIWHA.

The voluntary Associations dues are $50 per year, there is a transfer fee of $50. Dues are due at the annual meeting in February, or upon any transfer of title.

Checks should be made payable to Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association (or CIWHA). The transfer fee should be mailed to:
1237 S. Victoria Ave, Box 197
Oxnard CA 93035.

A copy of the CCR’s will be emailed upon receipt of transfer fees and written request. A copy of the CCR’s can also be obtained from the County recorder.
You can download a pdf here: CIWHOA_CCRs