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Please get in touch with the HOA Board and join our community in speaking up on matters that concern us!

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Public comments shall be received at several times during each meeting for particular portions of the agenda as specified on the agendas.

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If the time required to complete general public comments exceeds 30 minutes, any public comments thereafter shall occur immediately prior to the adjournment of the meeting. If during public comment, a person expresses a concern regarding City Council staff or service, City Council may refer the nature of the concern to staff for investigation, resolution or a report.

Comments should focus on a specific matter within the Council’s jurisdiction. Members of the public are encouraged to present written comments, preferably in advance of the meeting, as a way to fully communicate their thoughts on agendized or non-agendized items. When written materials are presented, they should be submitted to the City Clerk for distribution and record keeping ahead of time.

Videos, PowerPoint or similar presentations during public comment ordinarily are not permitted. Prior notice and coordination with the City Clerk is strongly encouraged and the Mayor reserves the privilege to limit such requests as necessary for the effective conduct of the meeting.

Public comment on regular business items normally follows staff’s presentation of the staff report, clarifying questions from Council members and applicant comments as necessary and appropriate.

Speaker cards should be filled out and given to the City Clerk prior to public comment.
Unless additional time is granted by the presiding officer, each person shall limit public comments to three minutes on any agenda item at a meeting with a cumulative total of ten minutes for all agenda items at such meeting, provided that such ten minute limit shall be voluntary. The presiding officer may grant a representative of a large speaker group additional time (up to ten minutes) to speak for the group on any agenda item.

A person wishing to address City Council shall first be recognized by the presiding officer.

Each person shall address all remarks to City Council as a body, not to any member thereof and not to staff. No person, other than a Council member and the person having the floor, shall be permitted to enter into any discussion without recognition by the presiding officer.

The 50/50 Split – Oxnard Agrees to 50/50 split on ALL seawall repair and maintenance!

50/50 Split passed 7-0


 OCTOBER 5 2020


SUBJECT: Resolution to Affirm City Commitment to Seawall Funding.
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council adopt a resolution affirming the City of Oxnard’s commitment to share the repair/replacement costs associated with the Mandalay Bay seawalls in the amount of 50% of the total repair/replacement costs with the funding mechanism to be determined at a later date.

Approved by City Council 7-0

Coverage of the 50/50 Split

Article on Citizens Journal

By George Miller

After 20 years of little action by the city except stopgap repairs and studies, the current Oxnard City Council voted unanimously on 10-6-20 to agree to fund half of the estimated $200 million to renovate the Channel Islands Harbor Mandalay Bay neighborhood seawalls, for up to a 75 year additional life. The walls were built in the early 1970’s and are insufficiently resistant to the saline environment, earthquakes and are well past their useful life. This would be done over a period of many years.

45 years ago in August – Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners appearing at City Council

 8/26/1975  “Residents appeared to address concerns regarding algae vacuuming, naming of Waterways and whether or not homeowners should bear full cost of Waterways Maintenance.”

The historical records have been preserved and passed on over the years through volunteers with the Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association (CIWHA).

Current HOA President Bill Clark shows up in historical documents with great regularity and his calm demeanor is and always has been an anchor in the extreme tidal fluctuations of City staff and local politics.  I will forget many and want to apologies in advance for missing some steady participants!

From the past…

We owe a debt of gratitude to the hard work of many over the years
Members of the CIWHA board and Seawall Team
Virgil Lockhart  (Massive historical documentation archives)
Robert Freeland (Rocket Scientist & Past CIWHA President
Patty McInnes
Evelina Bartoline Arglen
Trevor Smith  (Water Quality)
Frank Everts
George Arglen
Lillian Elswick (early secretary of CIWHA who never threw away a piece of paper)
Lauraine Bradish

From the past and still active
William Scarpino (Past HOA President and longtime member of the Seawall Team)
Jim Cowell
Chuck Carter (Water Quality)

Current members of the board who have been around for years like Tom Shideler, Matthew Steinorth and Keith Beckwith who document, volunteer and jump in whenever and wherever needed and kept the membership active and new members of the board Mike Hass and Alison Gabel have been doggedly making sure work on landscaping is not lost in the mix!

In the past few years we have had new volunteers form a Communications Team that in addition to facilitating communications has reviewed and brought much needed organization to past documents – not just on seawalls but landscaping and water quality as well which all blend into waterways 1

The Communications Team:
Carol Taylor
Connie Heagy
Pat Younis
Alison Gabel
Judy Havas

We also want to thank our District Councilman Bert Perello and  the City Manager Alex Nguyen for prioritizing this and Public Works Rosemarie Gaglione and Jeri Cooper and Omar Ortiz for pushing ahead with what can be done in the as is state of our budget. And Mayor Flynn and City Council for hearing us and voting unanimously to approve!

Oxnard  Public Works & Transportation
Committee Meeting July 28 2020

Public Works & Transportation approves amended resolution for seawall funding

Oxnard– The Public Works & Transportation Committee, July 28, approved an amended resolution for seawall funding in Mandalay Bay and committed to 50 percent funding unanimously.

The committee also directed the city staff to work with Mandalay Bay and iron out all the details of the funding mechanism.

The original resolution committed the city to share 50 percent of the cost if the Mandalay community forms a community facilities district (CFD) to satisfy its obligations for the other 50 percent.

Oxnard moves closer to seawall agreement with Mandalay Bay residents

Wendy Leung

Ventura County Star

November 7 2019 at 6 PM Special City Council Meeting – Fisherman’s Wharf

November 7 2019 at 6 PM Special City Council Meeting – Fisherman’s Wharf



Write to City Council – ask them to SAY NO on Nov 7th

Contact everyone you know and have them do the same!

6 PM in City Council Chambers

Attend the meeting and fill out a comment card

Bring a friend – a neighbor – your family!

NO to 400 Apartments! NO to Density! NO to Oxnard losing jurisdiction!
NO to a Local Coastal Plan Amendment!

Tuesday September 24, 2019 5th Street PLANNING MEETING

Tuesday September 24, 2019 5th Street PLANNING MEETING

North Shore Development Meeting TUESDAY SEPT 24 2019 at 6pm

The developer of North Shore at Mandalay Bay presented along with City Planners to discuss our concerns about the approval of such an old permitted project circa 1999 on the former oil field dump. It is located at 5th Street and Harbor Blvd.

It was made clear that the item for approval was not a permit but a plot map.

The developer took the time to explain the history of the mitigation and had experts on site to give technical details.

The INCO MAC group still had questions but it was agreed that the LA Water Quality Control Board was the agency to approach with those concerns.


UPDATE: 9/23/2019 1  pm
There was an agenda Item for Public Works and Transportation Committee Meeting, Tuesday September 24th

The ITEM  has been pulled due to requests! See further down on the page for that – we will post more when we know more!

Tell the City to work out FUNDING before approval!



The following item is being removed from tomorrows agenda!

Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street
Tuesday September 24, 2019 Regular Meeting – 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM

Agenda Item D REPORTS   (see full agenda)

1.Public Works Department

SUBJECT: Approval of Second Amendment to Aquatic Bioassay Laboratories, Inc. Professional Services Agreement A-8093. (5/5/5)RECOMMENDATION: That the Public Works and Transportation Committee recommend that the City Council approve and authorize the Mayor to execute a Second Amendment to Professional Services Agreement A-8093, with Aquatic Bioassay Laboratories, Inc. (Consultant), that:

  1. Adds $400,000 for testing requirements to the wastewater treatment plant ocean monitoring program in order to comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit;
  2. Adds $173,000 for the ongoing water quality monitoring and support for the Special Districts Channel Islands Harbor (Special Districts) on an as-needed basis; and 3. Increases the Agreement from $759,933 to a new total of $1,332,933.Contact: Rosemarie Gaglione, (805) 385-8055



You can send Comments to:
Chair Bryan MacDonald <>
Bert Perello <>
Tim Flynn <>

Waterways 1 (Mandalay) was stuck with 55% of the last round! 55% of $173,000 is $95,150 We should not have to pay this much!


On May 7th 2019 City Council approved and authorized the Mayor to execute:

The Third Amendment to Agreement No. A-7583 with Weck Laboratories, Inc. to:
1. Add the Special Districts Division to the Agreement’s Scope of Services; and 2. Increase the value of the Agreement from $900,000 to $960,000 for ongoing services relating to the Channel Islands Harbor water quality issue.

The methodology for funding was based on a simplistic GIS calculation of area the majority (55%) of the funding was taken from MANDALAY Waterways 1.

We do not believe this to be fair considering development agreements for Seabridge and Westport, the boat density in those developments and the access for those developments through the main channel and public benefit of the waterways in general.
Our waterways are PUBLIC ACCESS to multiple developments, multiple PUBLIC Marinas and are used by businesses and visitors to the entire Channel Islands Harbor.

With the pending  5th Street Development – we are still carrying the burden, the burden is increasing taking away funds from the SEAWALLS –  again!

55% of NEW AMOUNT: $173,000  is $95,150


The prescribed allocation  for the cost of water quality testing and mitigation has burdened Mandalay Bay with a 55% share of costs. The percentage shares are defined by overall channel area on the GIS map which includes the main channel which is in fact, a public highway. No one can access any place in the harbor without having access to the main channel. This division of area should not include the main channel as solely Mandalay Bay’s responsibility and should be removed from Mandalay Bay’s percentage of allocation

Water quality is an issue affecting the entire harbor and community. Neighboring residents cannot be expected to bear the burden of costs for a much larger issue, which was not created by these residents.

Make responsible and equitable decisions on this and related issues.

There are many who should accept fiscal responsibility and share in this burden:

  • The City of Oxnard
  • The County of Ventura
  • The State of California
  • Public Marinas at Seabridge and White Sails ( White Sails is a part of Westport)
  • CenterPoint
  • NRG
  • The North Shore residential project at Wooley and Fifth Street
  • Homeless funds from the  neighboring dunes homeless encampments
  • The local farm community


An equitable solution for cost allocation must be mandated before any more funds can be taken from neighboring homeowners.

Upcoming meetings May and June 2019

Upcoming Community Budget Meetings

  1. PAST:   Saturday, May 11th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    Charles Blackstock Junior High School, 701 East Bard Road.[MAP]
  2. PAST:   Monday, May 13th, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme, 1900 West 5th Street [MAP]
  3. PAST:  Wednesday, May 15th, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Rose Avenue Elementary School, 220 South Driskill Street [MAP]
  4. Monday, May 20th, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    River Ridge Clubhouse, 2401 West Vineyard Avenue [MAP]

Upcoming City Council Budget Meetings

These meetings will be held in City Council Chambers 305 W 3rd St, Oxnard, CA 93030 [MAP]
The outcome of the community Meetings and final budget information will be presented:

1. Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – Public Hearing on Proposed Budget
2. Tuesday, June 18, 2019 – Council Consideration and Adoption of FY 2019-2020 Budget

May 14 2019 Community Budget Meeting for fiscal year 2019 – 2020 at the Boys and Girls Club in west Oxnard.
Thanks to Dan Pinedo for the video below:

Dan Pinedo has been kind enough to Video many on the important meetings that are not available on The City Site.


Oxnard Budget Community Meeting 5-11-2019


Below is the link to YouTube video of the City of Oxnard 2019-2020 budget Community Meeting.

On May 11, 2019 the City of Oxnard held a Community Budget Meeting for fiscal year 2019 – 2020 at Blackstock School in south Oxnard. In its efforts to inform the residents, Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen and department heads are holding these budget meetings at several locations in the city, this is the first of four. Mr. Nguyen first presents a brief history that helps explain how the City of Oxnard has arrived at its current state. Facing a budget deficit of $9,200,000, department heads then give presentations describing the cuts on services and their impact in order to help explain how it plans to meet the shortfall.

On June 4, 2019 the city will hold a Public Hearing on the Proposed Budget, and on June 18, 2019 the City Council will receive the proposed 2019 – 2020 budget for Consideration and Adoption.



Speaking up!  CIWHA homeowners in Mandalay continue to request repairs be scheduled.


Homeowners spoke on 3 items

You can watch the meeting under Available Archives –

  1. Prior to Closed session at 4:30 ( 2 speakers – Carol and Debbie 8:07 )
    re item 2  Closed session item regarding Hemlock lawsuit
  2. Public Comments Items not on the agenda
    (3 speakers Debbie 1:14:30 followed by Carol 1:16:20 – one other speaker before Judy at 1:19:48)
  3. Public Comments on Consent Agenda (Public Works Lab contract water quality) (1 speaker Debbie 1:59:44)


Closed Session 4:30 PM
Appointment Item 6:00 PM
Regular Meeting 6:00 PM
Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street [MAP] Parking off 2nd Street – entrance See image



High Priority Goals

1: Agendize and approve Pilaster Project

We wish to request an item to be added to an Agenda as soon as possible.
Please agendize and approve an amendment to the Harbor OffShore* agreement to add a work order to proceed with the Pilaster Repair Project for the repair of (50) of the worst condition pilasters.

Harbor Offshore still is under contract with the City of Oxnard and has completed this type of work in the past and was included in the plans & estimates for the next phase which was placed on hold after being funded and fully permitted and they have the special equipment to do this project.

2: Reinstate our ability to meet with NBS to finish our funding district

At the City Council meeting on April 2nd following the Capital Improvement Presentation we raised the issue that the budget numbers indicated for the Seawall Repairs in Mandalay had no basis in reality as they stated numbers for a fund that does not exist and cannot exist until formed, brought to ballot and approved by voters. We estimate this as at least 2 years from the time we resume development of a funding district.

The Feasibility Study has not yet been completed therefore estimates are best guesses – this study was paid for out of Waterways fund 121 which we have been requesting (for many years) be addressed due to inadequate funding. The CITY presented a plan of tripling the assessment in 2006 which we were agreeable to and NOTHING HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

We were working with NBS and the City for well over a year until yet another internal changing of the guard in 2017 derailed that work. As it stands our district remains grossly underfunded and new policy changes have removed us from our 20 year involvement in participating in anything to do with seawall maintenance – we need to finish this work.


Also of Note and great concern: The TranSystems contract for seawall monitoring is due to expire in June

Although our Priority at this meeting was to schedule the delayed Pilaster Repairs the Water Quality Funding is still an important item!

SUBJECT: Approval of Third Amendment to Agreement for Trade Services with Weck Laboratories, Inc. for processing water testing samples for the Channel Islands Water Quality Issue.
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council approve and authorize the Mayor to execute the Third Amendment to Agreement No. A-7583 with Weck Laboratories, Inc. to: 1. Add the Special Districts Division to the Agreement’s Scope of Services; and 2. Increase the value of the Agreement from $900,000 to $960,000 for ongoing services relating to the Channel Islands Harbor water quality issue.
Legislative Body: City Council Contact: Rosemarie Gaglione, (805) 385-8055

NOTE from CIWHA – the funding split was hotly contested at an earlier meeting regarding a need for testing and the final decision was to fund through Measure O.
The next decision to split the funding for a new contract for services was decided in a Committee meeting and though we contested the info consent agenda item – the following split this was passed:

The decision to take 55% of the funds needed for this phase was decided on by a simplistic GIS calculation of area.
We do not believe this to be fair considering development agreements for Seabridge and Westport, the boat density in those developments and the access for those developments through the main channel and public benefit of the waterways in general.

CIWHOA is Waterways Zone 1 Mandalay


City Council Meeting April 2 2019

Thanks to all who showed up and spoke!

There is a wonderful article with great detail in the Citizens Journal!

There was a great turnout of Mandalay residents at the April 2nd meeting!

While the city Council voted unanimously to approve the CIP, there was a clear message that Capital Improvement Projects that are funded should move forward.


The City Council is being asked to approve a

DRAFT Five Year Capital Improvement Program

If you are available to attend please fill out a speaker card and it is perfectly fine if all you say is:

  “We request that the approval of the CIP be denied based on erroneous and inaccurate information”


Fill out speaker card for public comments on Item M. REPORTS

This is the last item on the agenda please submit your speaker card as early as possible.



Public Works Department


1. SUBJECT: Five Year Capital Improvement Program and Use of Bond Proceeds. (30/10/20)
RECOMMENDATION: That the City Council:
1. Select which projects to fund from the Draft 2019-2024 City of Oxnard Five Year Capital Improvement Program (“CIP”);
2. Adopt the 2019-2024 City of Oxnard Five Year Capital Improvement Program; and
3. Approve the proposed list of non-CIP redevelopment bond proceeds projects and appropriate funding to these projects.
(By the time this item is posted for City Council, the CIP will not have yet gone to the Public Works and Transportation Committee for review. It goes to the Committee on March 26, 2019. Staff will provide a report to the Council at a later date regarding the recommendation of the Committee.)
Legislative Body: City Council Contact: Rosemarie Gaglione, (805) 385-8055


How to Speak at City Council:

There are generally 2 or more opportunities to address City Council at a regular meeting  – Items NOT on the Agenda and specific items ON the Agenda.

To speak you fill out a speaker card usually found in the hall just outside chambers along with a copy of the Agenda. Fill out the Speaker card and note the ITEM on the Agenda you wish to comment on.

You can speak about anything NOT on the agenda – and for that you write
F. Public comments on matters not on the agenda

Public comments on matters not on the agenda and within the subject matter jurisdiction of City Council
This agenda Item follows:

  • Opening ceremonies
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Ceremonial calendar

You can also make comments on specific items ON the agenda but you must indicate the agenda item on your speaker card

This week (April 2, 2019)
The item we are concerned about is ITEM M: REPORTS the request to approve the DRAFT Five Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

We are asking for speakers to fill out a speaker card for Public comments ITEM M: REPORTS

and public comments will be hear AFTER the presentation by staff

It would be great if everyone who can attend could state:


“We request that the approval of the CIP be denied based on erroneous and inaccurate information”

When you speak please state your name and that you are a resident of Mandalay Bay
and a member of Channel Islands Waterway Homeowners Association

Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street
April 2, 2019
Regular Meeting 6:00 PM



The CIP contains numbers that are impossible because our Waterways Fund does not collect enough to pay for 3,000,000 in 2021 or 11,000,000 in the 2 years following.

Unless the City is planning on funding that this seems completely erroneous and inaccurate.

Click to expand then click back:



Homeowners have requested more frequent updates via email.

Please join the list!

Short Term Rentals – Special meeting of the City Council – Monday March 25, 2019 6 PM

Special Meeting: March 25, 2019 – 6:00 PM
Oxnard Performing Arts & Convention Center
800 Hobson Way, Oxnard (Oxnard Room)

Pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States.

At a special meeting, a person may address the legislative body only on matters appearing on the agenda. The presiding officer shall limit public comments to three minutes. Unless otherwise approved by the City Council, persons wishing to speak on items on the agenda should do so during public comments.

Community Development Department
1. SUBJECT: Short-Term Vacation Rental (STR) Report and Recommended Best Practice
Regulations. (20/25/60)

RECOMMENDATION: Receive a Short Term Rentals (STRs) report including: regulatory framework establishing restrictions on STRs and recommended best practices; provide guidance on these recommended provisions; and direct staff to prepare a Short Term Rentals Ordinance for consideration and recommendation by the Planning Commission.

The City Council Housing and Economic Development Committee considered policy questions pertaining to STRs at its February 26, 2019 meeting and provided the following comments:
(1) consider allowing STRs only in designated geographic areas;
(2) consider the California Coastal Commission’s position on STRs; and
(3) staff should prepare recommendations based on best practices for the City Council to consider.

Legislative Body: CC Contact: Jeffrey Lambert Phone: (805) 385-7882


Homeowners have requested more frequent updates via email.

Please join the list!

A special meeting of the City Council to be held at the Performing Arts & Convention Center (800 Hobson Way) on Monday March 25 beginning at 6 PM.

Since March 2016, the City has been actively engaging the public, the Planning Commission, and most recently the Housing and Economic Development Committee in order to devise a framework for an STR Ordinance. This engagement began with a survey of Oxnard residents, a community workshop (Aug. 2016), a Planning Commission Study Session (Nov. 2016), and a public hearing before the Planning Commission (June 2017). These activities are summarized in the Staff Report for the June 1, 2017 hearing (see Attachment C). Additionally, staff researched other jurisdictions ordinances in an effort to develop some best practice regulations. The results of this research are included in Attachment D.

Oxnard City Council Committee meeting structure, effective in January 2019

The City Council voted 4 -1 (Perello dissenting) in November 2018 to adopt Ordinance No.2949, establishing the new Council Committee meeting structure, effective in January 2019.

The City Council will have full Council meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of each month, and the Council Committees will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, beginning January 22, 2019.

1. Finance & Governance 9:30 – 10:45
  • Flynn - Chair
  • Perello
  • Basua
2. Public Works & Transportation 11:00 – 12:15
  • Perello – Chair
  • MacDonald
  • Flynn
3. Public Safety2:00 – 3:15
  • MacDonald – Chair
  • Ramirez
  • Lopez
4. Housing & Economic Development4:30 – 5:45
  • Madrigal – Chair
  • Flynn
  • Lopez
5. Community Services6:00 – 7:15
  • Ramirez – Chair
  • Basua
  • Madriga

Tuesday, Jan. 15 City Council meeting, which begins with Appointment Items at 5:30 PM

Attached is the Agenda Packet for the City Council Meeting for Jan 15th: 01-15-2019 Agenda-CC-HA-regular-mtg

Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street
January 15, 2019
Regular Meeting – 6:30 PM

Also Happening

Workshops for Parks and Recreation Master Plan Updates


Upcoming Workshops
Workshop 1 January 9, 2019, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm, South Oxnard Community Center, 200 E. Bard Road.
Workshop 2 January 10, 2019, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Oxnard Performing Arts Center, 800 Hobson Way.
Note: Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 will have the same agenda and cover same topics so residents can choose the date and location that is most convenient. Residents are encouraged to drop in as they are available during these times on either day. The workshop will be in English and Spanish, and snacks will be provided. For more information, contact Eric Humel from the Public Works Department at 805-271-2231, or


Oxnard City Council Members and email addresses

Timothy B. Flynn Mayor

Carmen Ramírez Mayor Pro Tem District 2

Bert E. Perello, Councilmember, District 1 (We are in District 1)

Oscar Madrigal, Councilmember, District 3

Bryan MacDonald Councilmember, District 3

Gabriela Basua, Councilwoman, District 5

Vianey Lopez, Councilmember, District 6

Oxnard District-Based Elections (map and Information)

On February 27, 2018, the City Council held the final public hearing regarding districting and approved by a 4 to 1 vote the first reading of an ordinance implementing its decision regarding the district map and the sequencing of the elections in each of the districts. The City Council adopted this ordinance at its meeting on March 6, 2018. The ordinance became effective immediately.

To View the District Map: CLICK HERE

Please see the City of Oxnard Frequently Asked Questions page for details about district elections.

Video: City of Oxnard District Based Elections