Oxnard PD – our Beat 21 Cop, No Wake Zone and Whale Watching! 
Happy April!
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Have you met our Beat Cop ?

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Oxnard is divided into four policing districts: North, South, East, and West.  Two other smaller districts in the city include the RiverPark District and Central Business District. 

Each district has 2-4 smaller areas in them known as “beats.”   Patrol officers are assigned to beats for six month periods at a time.  

Each beat has a Corporal assigned to it on a full time basis, and their job is to coordinate and lead community policing and problem solving efforts in their district. 

We are Beat Area 21
Our Beat Coordinator is Officer Enrique Alvarez  enrique.alvarez@oxnardpd.org  805-797-6655
beat 21 as of March 2023

See more at: https://sites.google.com/oxnardpd.org/2020-beat-map/police-beat-map


Boats Speeding in the Harbor

Our residents, as well as neighboring HOA residents have expressed concerns regarding boats speeding in the harbor. The wake from these boats can damage Boats, docks and seawalls, and is prohibited in all harbors.

Board members have  reached out to the City regarding policing jurisdiction and the local Neighborhood Council has  developed a Safety Committee who has reached out to the City, County, Coast Guard and Oxnard Police Department in an effort to attempt to  initiate a recommendation to aid in  mitigating the ongoing problem.

In the interim, a simple reminder to friends and neighbors asking for their  joint effort in being mindful of  the 5 MPH No Wake Zone may be of help.

You may have noticed 5MPH No Wake Zone signs posted in the main channel and at the entrance of off- chute channels.

PLEASE feel free to post similar signs on your dock or boat. As an example; various size signs are  readily available through Amazon with competitive pricing and reasonable delivery times.


Or we made some you can print and hang in your boat window.
Click the image for pdf.

Property Improvements & Code Compliance

Homeowners have requested Code Compliance Information.
Click below for a collection of information and links.


It’s Whale Watching Season!

Don’t miss this extraordinary gift we have right here in our back yard ! So take your boat out, join friends or  book a trip with a local vendor and experience the majesty of these amazing creatures ! One more reason why we love living here!

Island Packers:

Winter Whale Watching

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