About Us

The Channel Islands Waterfront Hom­eowners Association (CIWHA)

The Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association (CIWHA) is a volunteer association composed of owners of single family homes located in the Channel Islands harbor section of Oxnard, California. The primary mission of the CIWHA is to serve as a liaison between the City of Oxnard and the homeowners.

The Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association began over 35 years ago. It grew from the developers’ deed restrictions requiring there be a homeowner-controlled architectural committee. Although compliance with the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CCR’s) is required of all homeowners, membership in the Association is voluntary. The Association does not own any common areas, nor does it contract out for any community services. Streets, sidewalks, green belts, and other infrastructure are publicly owned and maintained by the City of Oxnard.

Over the years the Association has brought homeowners together and has been responsible for efforts to beautify, protect, and enhance the area. With projects and committees running the gamut from seawall repairs and maintenance to water quality, landscaping, architecture review, police, security and noise abatement, volunteer homeowners have given thousands of hours to assure that Mandalay Bay maintains its distinct and comfortable laid-back ambiance.

Commonly known as Mandalay Bay, the marina north of Channel Islands Boulevard is surrounded by approximately 730 single-family homes. Most detached homes are located on the east side of the main channel, and most zero lot-line townhomes are located on the west side. All of the homes have adjacent docks which are individually owned.

Mandalay Bay