50/50 Split passed 7-0


 OCTOBER 5 2020


SUBJECT: Resolution to Affirm City Commitment to Seawall Funding.
RECOMMENDATION: That City Council adopt a resolution affirming the City of Oxnard’s commitment to share the repair/replacement costs associated with the Mandalay Bay seawalls in the amount of 50% of the total repair/replacement costs with the funding mechanism to be determined at a later date.

Approved by City Council 7-0

Coverage of the 50/50 Split

Article on Citizens Journal

By George Miller

After 20 years of little action by the city except stopgap repairs and studies, the current Oxnard City Council voted unanimously on 10-6-20 to agree to fund half of the estimated $200 million to renovate the Channel Islands Harbor Mandalay Bay neighborhood seawalls, for up to a 75 year additional life. The walls were built in the early 1970’s and are insufficiently resistant to the saline environment, earthquakes and are well past their useful life. This would be done over a period of many years.

45 years ago in August – Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners appearing at City Council

 8/26/1975  “Residents appeared to address concerns regarding algae vacuuming, naming of Waterways and whether or not homeowners should bear full cost of Waterways Maintenance.”

The historical records have been preserved and passed on over the years through volunteers with the Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association (CIWHA).

Current HOA President Bill Clark shows up in historical documents with great regularity and his calm demeanor is and always has been an anchor in the extreme tidal fluctuations of City staff and local politics.  I will forget many and want to apologies in advance for missing some steady participants!

From the past…

We owe a debt of gratitude to the hard work of many over the years
Members of the CIWHA board and Seawall Team
Virgil Lockhart  (Massive historical documentation archives)
Robert Freeland (Rocket Scientist & Past CIWHA President
Patty McInnes
Evelina Bartoline Arglen
Trevor Smith  (Water Quality)
Frank Everts
George Arglen
Lillian Elswick (early secretary of CIWHA who never threw away a piece of paper)
Lauraine Bradish

From the past and still active
William Scarpino (Past HOA President and longtime member of the Seawall Team)
Jim Cowell
Chuck Carter (Water Quality)

Current members of the board who have been around for years like Tom Shideler, Matthew Steinorth and Keith Beckwith who document, volunteer and jump in whenever and wherever needed and kept the membership active and new members of the board Mike Hass and Alison Gabel have been doggedly making sure work on landscaping is not lost in the mix!

In the past few years we have had new volunteers form a Communications Team that in addition to facilitating communications has reviewed and brought much needed organization to past documents – not just on seawalls but landscaping and water quality as well which all blend into waterways 1

The Communications Team:
Carol Taylor
Connie Heagy
Pat Younis
Alison Gabel
Judy Havas

We also want to thank our District Councilman Bert Perello and  the City Manager Alex Nguyen for prioritizing this and Public Works Rosemarie Gaglione and Jeri Cooper and Omar Ortiz for pushing ahead with what can be done in the as is state of our budget. And Mayor Flynn and City Council for hearing us and voting unanimously to approve!

Oxnard  Public Works & Transportation
Committee Meeting July 28 2020

Public Works & Transportation approves amended resolution for seawall funding


Oxnard– The Public Works & Transportation Committee, July 28, approved an amended resolution for seawall funding in Mandalay Bay and committed to 50 percent funding unanimously.

The committee also directed the city staff to work with Mandalay Bay and iron out all the details of the funding mechanism.

The original resolution committed the city to share 50 percent of the cost if the Mandalay community forms a community facilities district (CFD) to satisfy its obligations for the other 50 percent.

Oxnard moves closer to seawall agreement with Mandalay Bay residents

Wendy Leung

Ventura County Star