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    1. Virtual Presentation by BEACON’s Executive Director, Mr. Marc Beyeler on BEACON’s Structure, Projects and Recent Activities and Accomplishments.
  ——-> THIS ONE—–> 2. Presentation by the Channel Islands Neighborhood Council on Water Quality.
  —————-> PDF—-> CINC_Presentation_for May-17-2022

If you can – join us in City Council Chambers at 5 PM
305 West Third Street, Oxnard
wearing blue to symbolize support for clean, swimmable water in our harbor for all Oxnard citizens.


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2. Presentation by the Channel Islands Neighborhood Council on Water Quality.

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B. APPOINTMENT ITEM 2. Presentation by the Channel Islands Neighborhood Council on Water Quality.

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Select the following agenda item number:
B. APPOINTMENT ITEM 2. Presentation by the Channel Islands Neighborhood Council on Water Quality.


DURING the meeting dial (888) 475-4499
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The homeowners should NOT be the only ones charged for the water quality monitoring because we did not cause the problem!

The costs of water quality monitoring and mitigation should be shared by:

  • City of Oxnard, 
  • City of Port Hueneme, 
  • Ventura County Watershed Protection District
  • Channel Islands Harbor marinas, boat yards, fuel dock
  • Channel Islands Harbor Businesses
  • Ventura County Farm Bureau
  • NRG or the NEW owners of Mandalay Generating Station, 
  • CenterPoint Energy (owners of Edison Canal), 
  • State and Regional Water Boards, 
  • State EPA, 
  • State and Federal Clean Water grants, etc.
  • Channel Islands Harbor homeowners

A fair calculation of responsibility needs to be agreed upon, established and enforced.

August 2020
CINC submitted a funding document that our HOA agreed to ONE TIME.
We expressly disagreed with the methodology of percentage based on Sq Ft of surface.
Our reason for disagreement is that this methodology does NOT take into account density, use or agreements from the past.
08172020 CINC Harbor Water Quality Sensor Budget Final



CIWHA Letter to City Council: CIWHA_To_City_May_17_Water_Quality


LET THEM KNOW – how important the health of the water is in our harbor!
Channel Islands Harbor offers recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike from boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing, dining, shopping, picnicking, walking and relaxing in ocean breezes and open space. It is vitally important that all who live, work and visit are not put at risk by our waters and that our waters do not destroy the environment beyond the breakwater.
Funding for the protection of our harbor water is of great importance not only to those who live and work in the harbor but also those who visit the harbor and beyond. The waters in our harbor do not begin at the canal nor do they end at the bridge on Channel Islands Blvd. Our waters begin all over the county and a flow through the harbor to Kiddie beach and beyond to the surrounding beaches and the ocean. The ocean is a vitally important resource to protect and preserve and therefor the condition of all waters from rivers, streams, and harbors that flow to it matter.

More background information

Notes from the CINC Clean Water Team

The CINC Water Quality Team has missed 3 months of WQ Sampling due to lack of funding.  

They are waiting for one more Wet Weather sampling event, per the original agreement.

In January, the City of Oxnard asked the Regional Board to extend Babcock laboratory processing, but the Regional Board has not responded yet.

The team thinks the State Water Board should continue to pay for the laboratory processing cost until the degradation problem is resolved for several reasons:

·         The State Water Board’s mandate to close the Once-Through-Cooling power plants by 2020, without any Environmental Impact Reports was a major contributing factor to the degradation in Channel Islands Harbor water quality.  Unintended consequences.

·         The samples collected in 2021 show some exceedances of Water Quality Objectives.

·         The Channel Islands homeowners are the victims of the water quality degradation.  We should NOT be the only parties responsible for monitoring and remediation costs.

·         The data for the first 2 months of 2021 has not been uploaded to SWAMP or CEDEN by Delta Labs.  Is Delta Labs still under contract to provide that data?  We have PDF laboratory reports from Delta, but if the data does not get into CEDEN, the Water Board will not consider it for their impairment analysis.

·         The Regional Board said they will NOT be evaluating the data we have collected until the 2024 California Integrated Report Cycle.

·         We need to continue monthly monitoring for the parameters specified in the QAPP to determine if the Best Management Practices (BMPs) are effective.  Is the water quality improving or getting worse?  You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it.

·         The response to the Public Comments at the September 2018 meeting stated the “Regional Water board remains committed to working with others to take appropriate actions” to address any water quality impacts in Channel Islands Harbor.

·         We are counting on the Water Boards to identify the dischargers and use the TMDL programs and other tools to require the dischargers to implement BMPs and reduce the pollutants coming into Channel Islands Harbor.

·         The Water Boards have the authority to enforce the Clean Water Act.

This Problem is Not New  – it has been ignored.

2003 Coastal Commission Development Plan documentation contains details of concerns for the developments North of the bridge, but also notes issues in in the south part of the Harbor near the entrance regarding Water Quality issues. NOTE: THIS WAS LONG BEFORE THE CLOSURE OF THE POWER PLANT

Water Quality Tests April 1999 – May 2003
[ref: see page 231]

Additional Excerpts:
“One of the beaches with the highest failure rate is the one existing Kiddie Beach (official name: Channel Islands Beach Park) located just inside the Channel Islands Harbor mouth and fronting the main channel. In each of its past three annual reports, Heal The Bay has identified Kiddie Beach as one of ten most frequently polluted beaches surveyed. Provided as Attachment #2, is a Heal The Bay letter dated February 13, 2003 to the California Coastal Commission regarding pollution problems of enclosed beaches generally and specific concerns about water quality of the Sea bridge shallow bay.”

“On February 4, 2003 (Attachment #3 ) the State of California Water Quality Control Board adopted a resolution designating the existing Kiddie Beach as an impaired site pursuant to Section 303(d) of the Federal Clean Water Act. It notes that this decision is based on data collected in 1999, 2000 and 2001 showing bacteria exceeded State standards in 54 of 99 water samples. On the same date and in the entire Channel Islands Harbor was designated as a Section 303( d) site due to the presence of lead and zinc in sediment.”

“Attachment #4 is a letter to the City regarding the Sea bridge project from the Environmental Health Division of the Resource Management Agency of Ventura County dated March 18, 2002. It states the known experience in Ventura County and elsewhere that swimming beaches in enclosed harbors “have a history of not meeting bacterial water quality standards ….”

[ref: see page 199]