North Shore Development Meeting TUESDAY SEPT 24 2019 at 6pm

The developer of North Shore at Mandalay Bay presented along with City Planners to discuss our concerns about the approval of such an old permitted project circa 1999 on the former oil field dump. It is located at 5th Street and Harbor Blvd.

It was made clear that the item for approval was not a permit but a plot map.

The developer took the time to explain the history of the mitigation and had experts on site to give technical details.

The INCO MAC group still had questions but it was agreed that the LA Water Quality Control Board was the agency to approach with those concerns.


UPDATE: 9/23/2019 1  pm
There was an agenda Item for Public Works and Transportation Committee Meeting, Tuesday September 24th

The ITEM  has been pulled due to requests! See further down on the page for that – we will post more when we know more!

Tell the City to work out FUNDING before approval!



The following item is being removed from tomorrows agenda!

Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street
Tuesday September 24, 2019 Regular Meeting – 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM

Agenda Item D REPORTS   (see full agenda)

1.Public Works Department

SUBJECT: Approval of Second Amendment to Aquatic Bioassay Laboratories, Inc. Professional Services Agreement A-8093. (5/5/5)RECOMMENDATION: That the Public Works and Transportation Committee recommend that the City Council approve and authorize the Mayor to execute a Second Amendment to Professional Services Agreement A-8093, with Aquatic Bioassay Laboratories, Inc. (Consultant), that:

  1. Adds $400,000 for testing requirements to the wastewater treatment plant ocean monitoring program in order to comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit;
  2. Adds $173,000 for the ongoing water quality monitoring and support for the Special Districts Channel Islands Harbor (Special Districts) on an as-needed basis; and 3. Increases the Agreement from $759,933 to a new total of $1,332,933.Contact: Rosemarie Gaglione, (805) 385-8055



You can send Comments to:
Chair Bryan MacDonald <>
Bert Perello <>
Tim Flynn <>

Waterways 1 (Mandalay) was stuck with 55% of the last round! 55% of $173,000 is $95,150 We should not have to pay this much!


On May 7th 2019 City Council approved and authorized the Mayor to execute:

The Third Amendment to Agreement No. A-7583 with Weck Laboratories, Inc. to:
1. Add the Special Districts Division to the Agreement’s Scope of Services; and 2. Increase the value of the Agreement from $900,000 to $960,000 for ongoing services relating to the Channel Islands Harbor water quality issue.

The methodology for funding was based on a simplistic GIS calculation of area the majority (55%) of the funding was taken from MANDALAY Waterways 1.

We do not believe this to be fair considering development agreements for Seabridge and Westport, the boat density in those developments and the access for those developments through the main channel and public benefit of the waterways in general.
Our waterways are PUBLIC ACCESS to multiple developments, multiple PUBLIC Marinas and are used by businesses and visitors to the entire Channel Islands Harbor.

With the pending  5th Street Development – we are still carrying the burden, the burden is increasing taking away funds from the SEAWALLS –  again!

55% of NEW AMOUNT: $173,000  is $95,150


The prescribed allocation  for the cost of water quality testing and mitigation has burdened Mandalay Bay with a 55% share of costs. The percentage shares are defined by overall channel area on the GIS map which includes the main channel which is in fact, a public highway. No one can access any place in the harbor without having access to the main channel. This division of area should not include the main channel as solely Mandalay Bay’s responsibility and should be removed from Mandalay Bay’s percentage of allocation

Water quality is an issue affecting the entire harbor and community. Neighboring residents cannot be expected to bear the burden of costs for a much larger issue, which was not created by these residents.

Make responsible and equitable decisions on this and related issues.

There are many who should accept fiscal responsibility and share in this burden:

  • The City of Oxnard
  • The County of Ventura
  • The State of California
  • Public Marinas at Seabridge and White Sails ( White Sails is a part of Westport)
  • CenterPoint
  • NRG
  • The North Shore residential project at Wooley and Fifth Street
  • Homeless funds from the  neighboring dunes homeless encampments
  • The local farm community


An equitable solution for cost allocation must be mandated before any more funds can be taken from neighboring homeowners.