City Council approved the last bid to repair Kingsbridge Way. September 16, 2014

City Council approved the last bid to repair Kingsbridge Way. September 16, 2014

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There was one speaker from the public regarding the work already completed that brought to light some confusion of projects. The speaker mentioned that gangways and docks did not need to be removed for recent work.

This is true – the waivers that Harbor OffShore requested of Homeowners were to facilitate anticipated needs and to my knowledge no docks ended up being removed for slope repair and there were no reports of damages.

The work recently done (slope repair) is very different from the Kingsbridge Way repair. The Kingsbridge Way repair will require very different equipment and notifications to residents will be facilitated as the Contractor communicates needs.

Public Works Department

4. SUBJECT: Approval of Lowest Responsible Responsive Bid and Authorization to Issue and Execute a Contract for PW14-03R-(Rebid) Kingsbridge Way Wall Repairs-Mandalay Bay Seawalls. (141)
RECOMMENDATION: 1) Award contract to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, John S. Meek Company, Inc. (A-7712) in the amount of $993,965.00 for PW14-03R-Kingsbridge Way Wall Repairs-Mandalay Bay Seawalls, and authorize the purchasing agent to execute the contract upon receipt of final Documents; and 2) Approve a special budget appropriation in the amount of $400,000 from Waterway Assessment Fund Balance to Mandalay Bay Seawall Improvements Project 143101.
Legislative Body: CC Contact: Rob Roshanian Phone: 385-7682

Document: WallRepairs (pdf 1.64 MB

ReBid on Kingsbridge Way Project

The project plans have been revised to propose more flexibility in hopes of attracting a bid.

The following can be found (as of 7/24/14)

Project Details ID No: 364689
Project Title: Rebid – Kingsbridge Way Wall Repair – Mandalay Bay Seawalls Project, Oxnard
Project Reference: PW14-03R Category: Engineering
Bid Due date: Jul, 23 2014 at 02:00 PM Owner Type: Public
Project Estimate:
Project Details: The proposed repairs include drilling and installation of (20) grouted tie-backs into the earth using pre-stressing strands which are anchored into a new cast-in-place concrete beam installed on the face of the seawall. The new beam will run continuous for 196 feet on the exterior of the seawall near the mean high tide line. The work will be performed in dry conditions, but the formwork and beam will be submerged by high tides during the construction period. Drilling debris and any excess grout will be entrapped at each work station for disposal. After the wale has cured the anchors will be pull-tested and if acceptable the anchor pockets grouted. Water turbidity will be controlled by a containment boom and silt curtain around the active work area. Work includes removal, temporary storage and installation or replacement of construction interferences including private improvements (docks, gangways, guide pile and decks) within the prescribed work area. Removed concrete guide piles intended for re-installation shall be identified by property location and then either; stored on a materials barge, removed from the jobsite and stored offsite in a Contractor controlled yard, or cleaned of marine growth within 24hrs of removal to control odor and stored onsite within the 12 property work area in a stable manner which does not pose an adverse structural load, public safety or navigation risk. Project duration is 180 calendar days. Bonds required.
License: A
State: California County: Ventura
Prebid Meeting: Scheduled Prebid Date/Time: Jun, 25 2014 at 09:30 AM
Location: City Council Chambers City Civic Center 305 West Third St. Oxnard, CA
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Seawall Committee Meeting – 05/02/2014

Permits have been posted for seawall project...

Permits have been posted for seawall project…

UPDATE TO THIS POST Procurment_Schedule_PW14-03R- Kingsbridge_Seawall_Stabalization_Project 5-28-14

The Meeting opened with Ray presenting the yellow permit pending to post.

The Coastal commission has given approval – this is the last permit requirement.

 Revised Bid Request

Due to the unexpected cost of the 2 bids received and withdrawn due to last of funding
Cameron Duncan of TranSystems had delivered a document to Ray outlining the options for repackaging the rebidding.

From Cameron:

1. Award the contract to current low bidder.

2. Inform low bidder they have been selected but that the project is over budget and cannot be awarded. Work with them to lower cost. Shoot for a $250K reduction (we will likely not make this target but we want them to think about big ticket items). Request suggestions from them on ideas to reduce cost. Accommodate all of the suggestions which are practical and then award at lower cost. This may save $100-$150K

3. Re-advertise with longer response period, more flexibility on construction window and deletion of laydown area requirement. This may save $100-$200K but there are no guarantees the result will differ from first bid .

.4. Combine with Hemlock repair to increase value and response. -Work is dissimilar so may not be a good match for benefit of efficiencies. Would take approx 6 months to put this design together and get new permit. Estimated savings $100K

5. Combine with 50 pilaster repair contract -minor effort to expand permit. Could be packaged quickly but would take work away from ON-Call Contractor unless he joins the open bidding. May draw more bidders but total savings is expected to be modest($1 OOK savings) due to the modest increase ($250K) of additional work.

6. Combine with first Zurn wall deterioration repair. The wall directly across from the Kingsbridge site is one of the worst in the community. If we add this work, all disruption is kept in the same basin which minimizes community impact, dock moves and permitting. Increases near-term cost $1 Million but long term savings of $300K-$400K expected to not disrupt this basin again for 30 years. Kingsbridge could start one month early and the Jamestown wall deterioration work across the channel would not start right after. Permits and design are estimated to take 5-6 months to add this project.


Items 1 and 2 are off the table because the bids were all rejected. However we may want to keep this in mind for the next round of bidding.

Item 3
In the world of magical thinking – we might get lucky if there is a vendor with a small window of downtime between larger projects and they want to keep a crew going. Because it has been expressed that our projects are very small – by allowing an expanded bid period – was 30 days take it to 45. Expand the start time window (allow the project to start within 6 mos after approval with an agreement that it will be completed once begun with no further interruption). Expand the work hours to accommodate tide tables and include Saturdays as optional work days. (IF cost savings are justified by per diem expenses being offset by overtime pay. )
A 100 to 200k reduction is not nearly enough of a cost savings to accommodate even the Kingsbridge project alone if the new bids are anywhere near the last ones.

Item 4 – the discussion ran around a lot on this one but again – COSTS & TIME???

Item 5   SAME – Item 6 SAME

We are window shopping… this is not going anywhere with the level of funding available.

I believe the City is fully aware that at this point we are sawing sawdust but they hope it keeps us busy.

I do think that if we should move forward on the reissue of a request for bids with the revised scope.

We also need to find ways to approach the City of Oxnard for more funds to be approved and to consider longer range plans. In this light I think we need to take a serious look at Camerons initial report and set a timeline of expectations and expand research and awareness of our concerns.

Seawall Committee Meeting -04/04/2014

 Update on Kingsbridge Project

Revised Bid Request

It was pretty much agreed that a better price may be available along with a wider choice of competitive bids if additional projects could be grouped into a package.

Update on Hemlock Research and Test Plan

Update on pending meeting: HOA, City staff, and Transystems
By 3/15 Ray and Lou to submit RFP to City Council to make first council meeting in April?

REVIEW of TransSystems “Pilot Program” document (Feb 12,2104)

There was a general review of the TranSystem’s oversight proposal for the Hemlock R&D project. Cameron made it clear that TranSystems is flexible on the monitoring portion of the scope as the city (Ray) may be fully qualified and have interest and resources for that. This would allow the City to save some money. In all, the proposal looked to be reasonable in scope and cost.

The concerns that writing an RFP for the standard bid process could not be readily structured through the City because of the need to have 3 methodologies and contractors tested. There may be higher bids because of the small scope of work for each contractor. However, the allure of getting the entire Boise project should enable contractors to cut profit to be competitive at this stage.

The bigger problem is the RFP process does not enable the the City to learn what new technology works best for the site conditions by means of award to multiple contractors. In the present system, the lowest, qualified bidder would get all three segments.

For this reason a meeting with finance and legal is required to find a way to address the R&D aspect.

*** Changes:

This is actually a “pilot program” to prepare for a global RFP for the entire Boise project after the research and monitoring is completed. The idea to see if legal would allow award of up to three top rated teams. Rating would be on “best value” (qualifications and price). As an alternative could the current On-Call contract with Harbor Off-Shore be expanded to compensate them for the effort to Prime (3) “best value” subcontractors and maintain jobsite control, permitting compliance and safety. The City, TranSytems, the HOA, or any combination of above could be responsible for “qualification/selection” of a subconsultant short-list, for use by the Prime, if it helps get past legal hurdles.

It was agreed that the standard bid process does not really apply and that input from the city attorney and finance officer is required.


The results of the pilot program would be used to define and prepare future repair contracts with 2 or 3 proven alternatives to promote competitive bidding.

Community preparedness update :AWAITING TIMELINE UPDATE