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Update October 9, 2014: Just got the final cost for the foundation & slope protection repairs, $152,423.41, down for the estimated $210,000. (saving: $57,576.59) Big thanks to the City of Oxnard and Harbor OffShore and the residents at the locations the work was done for the project coming in under budget! We have had numerous reports about how hard the Harbor Offshore people worked on this and the excellent quality of the work they did on this very important project to extend the life of the Seawalls! Thanks to TranSystems for identifying the need, defining the work and monitoring. Thanks to the City of Oxnard for scheduling, monitoring and keeping us in the loop, and thanks to the residents for being responsive to requests for waivers and extending work hours.

Mandalay Bay Seawall Projects 2003 to present

YEAR Project Cost
2005 Channel Dredging $1,160,120
2005 Guardrail Replacement Phase 1 $221,145
2006 Guardrail Replacement Phase 2 $122,950
2013 Slope Protection (estimate: $210,000) $152,423.41 (actual)
2014 Kingsbridge Way (bid awarded – work to begin 2015) $993,965
SUBTOTAL $265,0531.41
YEAR TranSystems Projects Cost
3/2001 to 11/2012 Seawall Assessment Phase A&B $642,568
2/8/11-present Agreement -7385 On Call Marine engineering Services Cost to date
Task 1&1A: $33,381 2013 Environmental Permitting $24,827
Task 2&2A: $28,500 2013 Environmental Permitting $20,375
Task 3: $78,900 Kingsbridge Way Stabilization Design $63,668
Task 4: $28,500 -Seawall Monitoring Program $2046
TranSystems Cost subtotal to date 110,916
Total ALL Activities $2,761,447.41

The numbers above reflect the new numbers for slope protection work completed in 2014.

NOTE:It is important to understand that the above numbers do NOT include the additional areas of expenditures from the Waterways Assessment funds like Landscaping & maintenance cost which are not insignificant. The costs for Landscaping & Maintenance for Fiscal year 2013-2014 = $169,316.

Total assessment revenue $450,000 minus Landscaping & Maintenance $169,316 = $280,684 left for Seawall Repairs and maintenance.
NOTE: The assessment referenced here is a round number of the total “waterways” fees collected on property tax bills to homeowners.

Landscaping & Maintenance

Planed and approved his year:
May 18th Oldham Circle Park: $1325.00
May 8th 25,800.00
*UPDATE: this has been placed on hold due to the water shortage. Young and newly planted trees are at greatest risk.*

Links to supporting documents and more information regarding the projects:

Looking Back on Looking Forward

Presented in 2006

It was understood that the following repairs were needed



  • 31,000 yards of material
  • Mean Low Tide level- 8 feet

Total Cost- $ 1.5 million

  • Spot dredging of high spots
  • Future dredging of East side of the bay

Replacement of Guardrails


“Mandalay Guardrail Replacement-Phase III 9/10/08 see the bids:

Seawall Repairs Facts (PRESENTED in 2006)


  • 7.8 miles of seawall
    • 3.4 miles Boise Wall
    • 4.4 miles Zurn Wall
    • Estimated replacement cost of $56,000,000 or 41,185 feet of seawall at $1,359.72 per foot (2006 estimates)
    • 3.4 miles of channels
    • Mandalay Bay 743 properties

Seawall Repairs Completed as of 2006

  • Nobel Consultants, Inc. (Marine engineering consultant)
  • Harbor Offshore, Inc. (Maintenance contractor)
  • What has been completed (as of Feb 2006)- severe foundation repair items, the most severe pilaster problems, a large number of the backfill leak problems, a small number of crack and joint repairs

    Last 10 years- $6.2 million dollars

    Total assessment revenue $450,000 per year (x10) = $4,500,000 = in the red -$1,500,000

    Projected Repairs Over Next 15 years (presented at HOA meeting in 2006)

    • Reinforce Remaining Pilasters
    • Repair Wall Panel Cracks And Seal Wall Joints
    • Repair Weep Holes
    • Maintain Slope To Protect Foundation
    • Fill In Sink Holes

    Seawall Repairs Funding: (presented at HOA meeting in 2006)


    Assessment Information (presented at HOA meeting in 2006)

    • Current assessment unchanged since 1993
    • Total assessment revenue $450,000 per year
    • Covers seawall repair, channel maintenance, landscaping
    • At the current assessment- $250,000 available for seawall repairs- Without inflation, 53 years to complete repairs

    Increase Current Assessment (presented at HOA meeting in 2006)

    • Current Assessment range $453 to $1,586 (Average $ 593)
    • Triple the assessment to $ 1,359 to $ 4,758 (Average $ 1,779 ( Average increase $ 1,186) )
    • Total Revenue- $ 1,350,000 ( Increase of $ 900,000 per year)
    • ($900,000+$250,000) X 12 years = $ 13,800,000
    • Inflation

    Comparisons (presented at HOA meeting in 2006)

    Annual Waterway Assessments proposed in 2006

    • Westport- Condo $ 2,150 Detached Home $ 7,572
    • Seabridge- Waterfront Home $ 8,524
    • Mandalay Bay Proposed Assessment- $ 1,780 PROPOSED IN 2006 !!!
    • Earthquake Insurance (CEA)- $ 500,000 with 15% deductible- $ 2,200
    • Landslide Insurance (Lloyds) for Seawall Failure

    2015 – Today, the current assessment will not cover the known expenses of maintaining our seawalls!

    The channels need dredging again! In 2005 the cost for Channel Dredging was $1,160,120