50/50 Approved in 2020

October 6, 2020 The Oxnard City Council voted unanimously to support city funding for seawall repairs/maintenance. This resolution commits the city to pay half of all Seawall Repair and Maintenance costs.

After years of verbal commitments rescinded almost as frequently as made, this was a landmark decision and a vital step in laying the foundation of trust in establishing the public/private partnership for funding the future improvements to this vitally important infrastructure project.

There will be no increase in your taxes as a result of this agreement, until the homeowners/residents of Waterways 1 (Mandalay) vote to approve a new assessment district or funding mechanism.

That same night the City Council also approved funding from a grant for a geotechnical study to gather information required to determine the best strategy for seismic resilient solutions for the future repairs/replacements. THANK YOU OXNARD PUBLIC WORKS!

The two videos below are from the October 2020City Council meeting – they are in fact the same video just two different start times.
The first is the Public Works Presentation and the second starts just after that with The HOA history presentation.




We have received great feedback from homeowners whose pilasters have been worked on during the 2020 Pilaster Repair Project that is nearly complete..

Many homeowners have commented on the wonderful work and the great attitude and communications from Harbour Constructors the contractors on the job.
We also really appreciate the City – Public Works – Omar Ortiz and crew for making sure we had lines of communications for scheduling boat moves and working with the Contractors to solve problems and keep the job moving forward!


  • Why is my pilaster not being worked on?
  • Who decided which pilasters got fixed?
  • When will my pilaster be worked on?
  • What the heck is a pilaster?

The determination of the prioritization of pilaster repairs was determined by engineers who monitored more that simply the visual appearance of the condition of the concrete. The City and the engineers are well aware there are more to do that are within the scope what is being completed within this particular project.

When a project is approved by the engineers it requires permits by the Army Corp of Engineers and the California Coastal Commission. The permits for this project were obtained in Feb 2018. So in addition to funding there is a lot of planning that goes into determining which repairs are done and when.

A pilaster is a rectangular, vertical wall protrusion that resembles a flat column that sticks out from the seawall. They are not on all of our seawalls – only the Boise walls have Pilasters in Mandalay.
[See History of Seawalls]




We are working with the City in an ongoing project to revitalize the “barrier” area landscaping between Harbor Blvd. and little Harbor, to include new trees (over 50 planted so far!) new shrubs, and a complete reworking of the entrances to Mandalay Bay. 

As with all City projects, and with an all-volunteer CIWHA landscaping committee, this will take time, but we are very encouraged by the progress made so far, and excited about the future plans for our community.


Channel Islands Harbor Visioning

The Ventura County Harbor Department has hired Sargent Town Planning to facilitate a “Vision Steering Committee” and has published a Survey to gather input.

As a neighborhood stakeholder CIWHA has been asked to encourage residents to participate in the survey.

The Survey is located at the links below and will only be available for a limited time.
Take the Survey:
(English) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ChannelIslandsHarborVisioning

(Spanish) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ChannelIslandsHarborVisionando

Note: There are some open comment sections within the survey where you can provide additional comments, however should you find the questions lacking detail or if want to provide additional thoughts or concerns please leave comments on our website or reply to this email and we will submit them.