Below is the video from the Candidates Forum October 6, 2022.
We had started the meeting an hour early to set up and did not start the recording right at the beginning because we forgot! The video starts on the prepared question # 2 Missing are Opening, Candidate introductions and all of prepared question # 1 and the beginning of prepared question #2.
Thanks to all who made this possible from the neighborhoods in the harbor and the beach area, PCYC for the venue. Huge thanks to the Candidates and our Moderator!

Please watch, listen and engage!

Video is on YouTube – or watch here:

Oxnard City Council District 1 Candidates Debate Forum October 6th  6-8pm

The Communities of Channel Islands Harbor, Mandalay Beach, and Oxnard Shores held an Oxnard City Council District 1 Candidates Debate Forum on Thursday, October 6th at the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club.  The forum was  an opportunity to understand the views and goals from each of the four candidates on the ballot. BIOS: Candidates_BIOS_Forum_October 6

  • Christopher Arevalo
  • Eduardo Huerta
  • Douglas Partello
  • Bert Perello

The Forum moderator was be Robert O’Riley

The Forum was held at
Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club
2600 Harbor Blvd.
Thursday, October 6th from 6-8pm

The map below shows Oxnard District 1, if you are registered to vote in this district these are the candidates for District 1.