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Article on VCSTAR:

About 6,400 gallons of raw sewage spilled into storm drain catch basin Wednesday in Oxnard, officials said.

Workers were able to remove only about 600 gallons of the raw sewage from the storm drain system near Etting and Olds roads, according to Assistant City Manager Scott Whitney. The remaining 5,775 gallons were released into a storm channel at Pleasant Valley and Bard roads, he said. The sewage was discharged into the Ormond Beach Wetlands, according to Ventura County’s Environmental Health Division.

The public is urged to avoid touching items that may have come into contact with the discharged sewage. Workers posted a sign at the site of the spill to notify the public, and water-quality sampling was completed 100 feet upstream and downstream.

Whitney said the city used a camera Thursday morning to determine the spill was caused by a blockage to Oxnard’s main sewer line.

Whitney said appropriate state and county environmental, water and emergency agencies were notified.

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