What’s Happened & What’s Coming!

December 12, 2020 – The Toy and Food Drive at the Harbor was a HUGE success!

Thank you to all who donated and volunteered!

The Toy and Food Drive was a tremendous success!

 Record Number of Items Collected at Channel Islands Harbor Holiday Food & Toy Drive!

Spark Of Love

  • An estimated 2,200 toys were collected to benefit the Spark of Love Toy Drive.

Ventura County Fire Department Public Information Officer Brian McGrath said the efforts at the Channel Islands Harbor will help benefit at least 2,000 families in Ventura County.

“McGrath said. “For their first toy drive, the Harbor community really exceeded expectations. 

FoodShare Ventura County

  • 5,000 lbs of non-perishable food
  • Money donations of nearly $14,000 

The money donations alone will provide over  41,000 meals!

Jennifer Caldwell, Food Share’s Chief Development Officer said “This could be the biggest community food drive I’ve ever seen in Food Share history.”




October 6, 2020 – Oxnard City Council unanimously approved a resolution for the City to provide 50% of the costs associated with the repair and replacement of the Seawalls.

Oct 6, 2020 Documents:




98% of the Pilaster Jacket Repairs at Mandalay Bay, which provides concrete reinforcement to the seawalls, have been completed.

The remaining project work is estimated to be completed by the end of 2020.

a. Seawalls- Pilaster Jacket Repairs at Mandalay Bay
i. Group 1A (2044, 2034, & 2024 Peninsula Rd): Completed
ii. Group 1B (2024 & 2014 Peninsula Rd): Completed
iii. Group 2A (2000 Peninsula Rd, 4050 W Hemlock St): Completed
iv. Group 2B (4050 & 4040 W Hemlock St): Completed
v. Group 3A ( 2121 through 2131 S Victoria St): Completed
vi. Group 3B ( 2121 Ravoli and 2131 Ravoli Dr): Completed
vii. Group 4A (2311 Victoria Ave): Completed
viii. Group 4B (2305 Victoria Ave and 2311 Victoria Ave): Completed
ix. Group 5 (2341 Victoria & 2351 Victoria): Completed
x. Group 6 (2321 Monaco Dr & 2341 Monca Dr): Completed
xi. Group 7A (4015 Ischia Dr): Completed
xii. Group 7B- (4045 Ischia Dr)
1. Pending Engineer of Record direction on RFI-36
xiii. Group 8- (4016, 4010, and 4000 Nice Court)
1. Concrete poured & scheduled to be completed by 11/20.
xiv. Group 9- (2501, 2511, and 2521 Victoria Ave): Completed
xv. Punch-List:
Gangway Platform Rod Repairs (2024 Peninsula, 2351 Monaco, 4050 W Hemlock, & 2351 S Victoria Service Rd )
1. Per RFI-37, the Contractor needs direction on gangway platform rod repairs.
a. The City is working with the Engineer of Record for direction to platform rod repairs.
xvi. Private Platforms (2034 Penninsula Rd, 2014 Penninsula Rd, 4040 W Hemlock, 2501 S Victoria Service Rd, & 2121 S Victoria Service Rd )
1. The design was approved on 11/2.
2. Contractor to order, fabricate, and install. Scheduled To be completed by 12/4.
xvii. The contract completion date was originally 9/18/20.
A time extension was issued until 10/21/2020 because of homeowner issues and cement supply shortage.
   1. The extension is now issued until 12/11, due to the need for additional dive work and change order work.


Full Update from City 11, 17, 2020: Mandalay Bay Seawalls Project Update 11.17.20

 Jan 27, 2021 

Channel Islands Harbor Vision Plan