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The Annual Meeting of the Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association Saturday February 24, 2024 9 AM PUBLIC MEETING Welcome Message: Bill Clark President Pledge of Allegiance Special Guest Speakers* ( 10-20 minutes speaking followed by a couple of questions )
9:10 Michael Tripp: Channel Islands Harbor Director – Harbor Update
9:30 Michael Wolfe: Public Works Director- Seawalls
9:50 Alex Nguyen: Oxnard City Manager – Seawalls and City Update
10:10 Chuck Carter: CIWHA Board Member & CINC Clean Water Team – Water Quality Update 10:30 General Q/A
10:45 Bill Clark: Thanks to the guests!


A few notes to clarify the relationship between the City and the County and the Harbor Department. NORTH and SOUTH of Channel Islands Blvd. The entire Harbor is within the City of Oxnard. The City is within the County of Ventura. The Ventura County Harbor Department manages 310 acres comprising the Channel Islands Harbor, 200 acres on land, and 110 acres under water (South of Channel Islands Blvd). The Channel Islands Harbor is owned in fee and operated by the County of Ventura. The majority of the Harbor is operated by businesses that have been granted long-term ground leases by the Board of Supervisors. Funding for the Harbor Department comes from those leases SOUTH of the bridge. The Harbor and Property NORTH of the bridge is NOT a part of the service area funding of the Harbor Department. Harbor Patrol north of the bridge ceased when residents in Seabridge passed a ballot measure to cease funding for Harbor Patrol. There is a new agreement and the City of Oxnard, the County of Ventura, and the Harbor Department are on good terms. The original 1983 agreement between the parties expired and a new agreement is in place, however it does not include any agreement for Harbor Patrol.

Start City of Oxnard Press Release ###

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 19, 2021 NEWS MEDIA CONTACT: Katie Casey, Communications Manager (805) 816-4330 |

City of Oxnard and County of Ventura Unanimously Approve Channel Islands Harbor Cooperation Agreement OXNARD, Calif. – The Oxnard City Council and the County Board of Supervisors have both unanimously approved a cooperation agreement for major improvements in the Channel Islands Harbor. “We have finally built a bridge for cooperation. This is really a ‘Hands Across the Channel Islands Harbor’ agreement, and together we can make improvements for the benefit of the residents of the City and the County,” said Mayor John C. Zaragoza. District 1 Councilmember Bert Perello said, “Thanks to not only City and County staff, but to all the residents who participated fully throughout the years to ensure a fair and equitable resolution. This also sets the stage for us to pursue a ‘One Harbor’ initiative for the sake of water quality.” The agreement commits the City and County to work together to address the following: Maintenance of public parks in Harbor Replacement and repair of public parking lots, restrooms and streets within the Harbor, with the City funding repair of specific facilities that directly benefit residents Harbor redevelopment and protecting its public access Water quality issues The new cooperation agreement also preserves and enhances fire protection services to the area by extending the lease of the City’s Fire Station 6 through 2050, and allows for the possibility of expanding the station. The City and the County also entered into a new 25-year Master Tax Sharing agreement based upon the previous terms from a 1983 agreement between the parties.

End Press Release ###