The Pilaster Repair Project is happening in 2020!

There may be delays in start due to the current state of emergency however the contract has been awarded and the City and Contractor are working out scheduling.

The Contractor is Harbour Constructors Co / Comtech Manufacturing Inc. 17892 Jamestown Lane, Huntington Beach CA 92647.

We have been in communication with the project lead a Greg J. Buchanan and have assured him that we will help facilitate communication with homeowners!

Homeowners of properties where work will be done will receive a waiver that MUST be signed for work to proceed!
If you contact us we can email you a form you can sign and take a photo of and send to us to facilitate the scheduling!


This page will be updated with project information.

PLEASE make sure you are signed up for updates!

Below is a preliminary project map


The following addresses require a closer look and there will be a waterside inspection soon.

Don’t be alarmed if you see them – say Hi and welcome them!

Visual Inspection of addresses with different pilasters

2121 Victoria Ave

2111 Victoria Ave

2311 Victoria Ave

2305 Victoria Ave

2521 Victoria Ave

2511 Victoria Ave

2121 Ravoli Drive

2131 Ravoli Drive

4015 Ischia Drive

4045 Ischia Drive

2014 Peninsula Rd