Seawall Update

A small group of volunteers have come together from members of the Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association, to make an effort to facilitate communications regarding the Seawall repairs.

These are notes from a meeting held January 10th 2014


Timeline update

The city has published the bid requirements and hosted a pre-bid meeting and bids are expected to be back in mid-February. City Council must approve final bid.  Our thanks to the City for keeping us informed on this project and this process! (bid publication example included last page) Bids are expected to be back in mid-February. City Council must approve final bid.

The City is still working with the Coastal Commission to finish the permitting process.

Update on Kingsbridge Project

The contractors will be responsible for documenting the pre-construction conditions.
NOTE: Homeowners may want to do some time stamped images of any existing cracks and structural issues PRIOR to the work being done for their own records. Vibration from the work should be no more than the vibration caused by trash pick-up.

Note that while this application to reinforce the wall’s stability it does not address the failing concrete issue that affects all of the walls. That said, the engineering consultants said the reinforcement should extend the lives of these walls for up to twenty years.

Update on Alternative Methodology Research

Three (3) Contractors have identified different methodologies that sound hopeful that fall within the Design/Build prescriptive requirements. Each apparently has viable solutions to the sub-surface bonding challenge. 2 of the approaches with merit are epoxy based that will bond under water. The other approach involves sawing into the wall and inserting fiberglass with and epoxy overlay.

While the research recommendations sound hopeful the actual implementation should not be considered until each is fully tested against the following Four Tier Impact Parameters:

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Environmental Impact
  3. Long term effectiveness
  4. Homeowner impact

At this point the soundest solution would appear to be to launch and complete a research and development process for complete evaluation. By running actual onsite tests on a portion of the most severely degraded walls and studying the impacts and outcomes a best solution could be determined for ongoing repairs.

Community preparedness update

Temporary boat relocation:
Residents are being informed of a need to register needs for assistance in boat relocation.
Boat owners will be required to add location owners of docks for relocation temporarily on insurance.

Additional information will be distributed at the Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association meeting on Saturday, Feb 15th 2014 at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach at 9 am.

Community meeting with City and Engineer representatives

According to the timeline it would appear that by 3/15/14 we should have more information regarding hard timelines? We would like to schedule a community meeting at some date closer to the actual work-start-date to share information with the residents in the area of impact.

Impact Estimates

So far what we know with some degree of certainty is that the actual work and impact on residents SHOULD begin following the Approval deadline on 3/11/14.

It is understood that all docks on the west side of the channel (the homes on the east side of Kingsbridge Way) will be removed for about a month and that traffic to this leg of the channel may be halted for short periods to enable equipment and work crews access. The Seawall Volunteers are working to provide assistance for accommodating boats at other locations during the repairs. As the timeline is clarified we will be distributing more information!  

Kingsbridge Project Impact  Map

Kingsbridge Project Impact Map

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Bid Due date: 02/05/2014 at 02:00 PM Project Type: Public
Estimate: License: A
Title: Kingsbridge Way Wall Repairs-Mandalay Bay Seawalls Project, Oxnard
Details: The proposed repairs include drilling and installation of (20) grouted tie-backs into the earth using pre-stressing strands which are anchored into a new cast-in-place concrete beam installed on the face of the seawall. The new beam will run continuous for 196 feet on the exterior of the seawall near the mean high tide line. The work will be performed in dry conditions, but the formwork and beam will be submerged by high tides during the construction period. Drilling debris and any excess grout will be entrapped at each work station for disposal. After the wale has cured the anchors will be pull-tested and if acceptable the anchor pockets grouted. Water turbidity will be controlled by a containment boom and silt curtain around the active work area. Work includes removal, temporary storage and installation or replacement of construction interferences including private improvements (docks, gangways, guide pile and decks) within the prescribed work area. Removed concrete guide piles intended for re-installation shall be identified by property location and then either; stored on a materials barge, removed from the jobsite and stored offsite in a Contractor controlled yard, or cleaned of marine growth within 24hrs of removal to control the smell and stored onsite within the 12 property work area in a stable manner which does not pose an adverse structural load, public safety or navigation risk. The private improvement removal and restoration of work quantities can vary dependent upon each Contractor’s means, methods and anticipated equipment to work the jobsite. The Contractor will be held to the bid total for this effort, regardless if the work plan changes and requires greater or lesser effort/cost. Notice is required 30 days before any request for private boat moves. Private boats will be moved by others. Bonds required.
State: California County: Ventura
Prebid Meeting: Recommended Prebid Date/Time: 01/15/2014 at 09:30 AM
Location: City Civic Center City Council Chambers 305 W. 3rd St., Oxnard 93030
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