Update on Kingsbridge Project & Hemlock Research and Test Plan
Bid review
Two Bids came in, both are higher than the expected and budgeted amounts. It was recommended and agreed that we reject these bids and revise as many line items as possible to reduce end costs.

Numbers are double what the expectation was (see attached)
Bid Results PW14-03- Opened 02-05-2014

Revisions that could reduce costs:

Hours of Operation Opportunity

  • If the homeowners were to agree to extended hours of operation to accommodate tides within workdays there is a
    greater chance of reducing the cost of mobilization (which includes housing) as well as decrease the days required for completion.
  • City will always default on protecting Homeowners and residents – but if Homeowners agree – that information will be included in specification. City wants zero complaints from community on work hours.

Extend Bid Window
The prior bid window of 30 days may have limited the ability of some contractors to read requirements and assess for a clear estimate.

Broaden some requirements
TransSystems will revise the wording of some of the details in the requirements to allow greater flexibility that may
impact cost. He gave an example of the difference of 2 or 3 strands being pushed through for tieback – he specified 3 but it would reduce cost if possible to push 2 strands… a contractor may know they can work that if they have more experience – that would could reduce cost by 50,000.

Declare Resources Available
Perhaps a statement of some of the laydown available at zero cost may make a difference as well.

Status of Timeline
ALL of the following dates will need to extended at least 60 days:

  • February 10th Contract Preparation and Approval
  • February 13th Contract to Contractor
  • March 3rd Contract Procurement from Contractor – Signature Distributed (Project Manager/ City Attorney/CCRC)
  • 4/05/14 Must be awarded by this date to save Bid or have Written Approval to Extend
    Update on Kingsbridge Project

Cameron will measure wall movement on Feb 14th to make sure there is nothing scary going on!


Scenario produce design/build RFP with specification minimum performance requirements, drawings and existing condition.

City Council in March –This needs to be submitted in end of Feb to make March.

Our hope is to approach the city plan developed to result in making the most cost effective repairs moving forward.

Community preparedness update

The following sign-up sheets will be available at the HOA meeting:
1. Release forms and letters on behalf of City for general repairs.
2. Sign up sheet for Kingsbridge Impact Area
3. Agreement to extend work hours and noise.
4. NEXTDOOR invites

Community meeting with City and Engineer representatives will be scheduled for the area of impact when the timline is
reestablished based on next bid publication.