You may have noticed a lot of activity recently between Harbor Blvd and “Little Harbor”.

Trees have been trimmed, dead plant material has been removed and more work is coming!

We want to extend thanks to the City and Jeri Cooper and our new Landscape Inspector Lalo Navarro as well as the Contractor Brightview Landscaping Inc., City Corp and our HOA members for working to bring all this about!

Staffing news – Lalo Navarro named new Landscape Inspector for our area (Waterways Zone 1) in October, 2019. Since joining, Lalo has initiated monthly walkthroughs with the landscaping maintenance contractor (Brightview Landscaping, Inc). Mandalay HOA members are working with the City, Lalo and staff to facilitate communication and needed actions/follow-up; Meetings are set for 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Projects progress – Greenbelt rehabilitation, where needed, was initiated (Kingsbridge Lane). Work in progress on buffer area (Harbor Blvd, Channel Island Service roads) to remove dead plants, weeds in preparation to install new trees, irrigation will be checked, and drought tolerant material will be put in place. Mandalay Bay will receive 75 trees through a grant awarded to City.

Mandalay Bay medians’ irrigation systems will be reviewed to assure watering properly.
Review of problematic vegetation on sea walls is anticipated within the next 3 months.

Communication – Residents are encouraged to use 311 App to notify City of issues. Select “Assessment Districts Request.” Or, contact directly – 1-805-385-7578.
And, HOA Board members available to hear your concerns – see contact form lower on this page!

Below is a memo from Jeri Cooper the Project Manager with the City of Oxnard who has been working with our wonderful HOA board members and volunteers – Keith Beckwith, Mike Haase and Alison Gable.

NEW MEMO MAY 18 2020


Residents & HOAs – 

In an effort to provide more response to your districts regarding maintenance issues, the designated waterways inspector, Lalo Navarro, will be your contact moving forward to address these issues. 

As many of you know, I am the Project Manager for 36 LMDs and the 4 waterways districts. Due to my current responsibilities to bid writing, council presentations, assistance with the budget, and much more, day to day operational issues on the properties will be handled by the inspector. If you have maintenance issues that need to be addressed, please designate on representative from your district to reach out to Lalo to have the issues addressed.

Lalo can be reached via email at or on his cell phone at 805-890-0030. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jeri Cooper, MPA

Project Manager
Special Assessment Districts
City of Oxnard
Office: (805) 200-5334
COVID 19 NOTICE:  In response to state and federal directives, most of our staff is working from home, including our support staff.  The main Special Districts line 805-385-7578 may not be answered immediately, but voicemail messages left on the main number will generally be responded to within one business day.  Email messages will be responded to within one business day.  Please note that the City of Oxnard is closed on alternating Fridays. 
Interested in learning more about your Special District and how it is funded? Do you live in an underfunded district? Visit for more information and to join the mailing list for Oxnard Special Districts.

Oxnard 311


[CLICK HERE FOR 311 TIPS and TRICKS for use in our area!]


Report a Problem GET THE APP Click for download page Oxnard 311 helps you stay connected to your City. With Oxnard 311, you can submit a service request – fix a pothole, replace a sign, report graffiti, and more. Your request is instantly routed to the right person in the right department at City Hall. This means your request is responded to quickly and you’ll be notified as soon as the service is complete. Oxnard 311 is also a great way to get City news and emergency notifications.


Memo From City of Oxnard

December 6, 2019
TO: Waterways Zone 1 – Mandalay Bay Residents
FROM: Jeri Cooper, Project Manager
SUBJECT: On-Going Maintenance in Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Residents,

I am writing today regarding the on-going maintenance and projects scheduled for Waterways Zone 1 – Mandalay Bay. Beginning this past October, Mandalay Bay has been assigned a new Landscape Inspector, Lalo Navarro, who will be on property each month for inspections and projects. Lalo has been assigned to the waterways neighborhoods of Mandalay Bay, Harbour Island, Seabridge and Westport. Additionally, Lalo is the inspector who facilitates projects throughout the Special Districts Division.

Landscape Maintenance Contract

In October, the Special Districts Division initiated monthly walkthroughs with the contractor, Brightview Landscaping, Inc. to identify deficiencies in the landscape maintenance throughout the property. Members of the HOA have been in attendance at each meeting and they are working with the City to provide constructive feedback on the maintenance of the District. Staff will meet with HOA representatives and the contractor’s representatives on the 3rd Tuesday of each month barring any rain or holidays to go over maintenance tasks.


This past summer, Special Districts Inspector, Lalo Navarro, worked with City Corp staff to complete the rehabilitation and replanting of a greenbelt located on Kingsbridge Lane. This project removed overgrown, existing trees and vegetation and replaced it with new, more drought tolerant and less evasive plant materials. The plants are slowly growing and will develop into a nice planting over the next year.

Currently, Special District’s staff is working on a complete rehabilitation of the buffer area of Harbor Blvd and
Channel Islands Service Roads. Staff is working with Work Release and City Corps teams to remove any dead plant material and weeds so new trees can be installed. Once the area is cleaned out, staff will work with the our irrigation contractor to do a thorough irrigation check of the area, install drip lines to feed the new trees and make any repairs to the deteriorated existing irrigation to continue watering of the established plant material.

Mandalay will be the recipient of 75 new trees at no charge through a grant that was awarded to the City. This grant includes an allocation for the cost of watering for these trees. Additionally, when the new trees are installed, staff will be spraying a pre-emergent herbicide and placing mulch in the planter beds to help with the mitigation of weeds in the area.

Vegetation overgrowth on the seawalls will also be addressed over the next two (2) to three (3) months based on weather. Districts staff will be working with City Corp to address any growth of vegetation on the seawalls. If there is any vegetation that is growing from a resident’s property onto public property (greenbelt, City fence, etc.) it will be removed.

FY 21 Goals

As we approach the end of the calendar year and mid-year budget for FY20, staff will continue to work with Mandalay resident to establish goals for FY21 and set priorities for work within the District.

Using 311 and Reporting Issues

Special Districts would like to encourage residents to utilize the 311 App when notifying the City of issues that they see within Mandalay Bay or throughout the City of Oxnard. This allows for a central location and tracking of issues and tasks. When “Making a Request” on 311 related to Mandalay Bay, please ensure you are selecting “Assessment Districts Request” to ensure that it is directed to the Special Districts Division regardless of the issue. Please note that if you are sending in a 311 regarding an area, but you are no longer in that area, 311 will tag you at your current location and not the location of the issue. You will need to move the tag on the map back to the location of the 311 report. When submitting a 311 request, please try to be as descriptive as possible regarding the issue, location or action needed so that Special Districts can deploy staff for corrective action in a timely fashion.


Special Districts would encourage residents to speak with the Mandalay Bay HOA regarding updates on issues and progress in your District. Staff is in contact with the HOA on a regular basis. Additionally, please feel free to contact Special Districts at 1-805-385-7578 or for immediate assistance. Please note that the City is closed on alternating Fridays so they may be a delay in response on those days.

Thanks to all who attended the Annual Meeting on Feb 8, 2020

Check Back Soon for Updates!



***No CIWHA Board Meeting in February***


Thank you to the City Staff for working with the HOA Volunteers

& THANK YOU to the HOA Volunteers!


Mandalay will be the recipient of 75 new trees at no charge through a grant that was awarded to the City.

The City has begun to address growth over seawalls on the public property (Greenbelts, City fence etc.)

Staff will be looking at any vegetation that has been planted in an area that may affect the seawalls and will be
scheduling it for removal.

This includes any trees that may be planted on or near a seawall.
It is the goal of the City to remove anything that may have an invasive root structure that could damage the seawall in anyway.


Staff has authorized work within the medians throughout Mandalay Bay to extend irrigation heads to ensure that
the medians are getting the proper watering coverage.


You can also contact the Landscape Team for CIWHA
by using the form below or by sending email to
PLEASE include the location of the issue, your name and contact information so that wee can follow up with you!
Please include as much detail about what you are reporting and if you need to send images use the email address.

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