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Meeks Construction, the contractor for the Kingsbridge Way Seawall Stabilization Project, has set a start date of the last
week of May or the first week of June. There will be an informational meeting for Owners and Residents to get information
and ask questions of representatives from Meeks Construction, The City of Oxnard Public Works Department, and

LOCATION: The greenstrip on Costa De Oro between Kingsbridge Way & Jamestown Way
PURPOSE: To provide Timeline & Information to Homeowners and Residents

TIME: 10:30 AM
Owners and Residents with Addresses on the EAST Side of Kingsbridge Way -Docks & Boats must be moved timeline will be
confirmed. The meeting will also include more general information for the broader area of impact including information
regarding traffic, noise and work hours. The greenstrip where the meeting will be held and the guardrail area across the
street are designated staging areas for the work to be done so there may be traffic impacts in the area and parking will be
restricted as needed.


Please check back frequently for updates or join the group on NEXTDOOR.com

Older Post Feb 20th 2015:

Kingsbridge Way – Wall Repair – Mandalay Bay Seawalls Project, Oxnard
water way impacted 2005 thru 2151 Jamestown Way
Project Reference: PW14-03R Category: Engineering

kingsbridge_map Project Details: The proposed repairs include drilling and installation of (20) grouted tie-backs into the earth using pre-stressing strands which are anchored into a new cast-in-place concrete beam installed on the face of the seawall. The new beam will run continuous for 196 feet on the exterior of the seawall near the mean high tide line. The work will be performed in dry conditions, but the formwork and beam will be submerged by high tides during the construction period. Drilling debris and any excess grout will be entrapped at each work station for disposal. After the wale has cured the anchors will be pull-tested and if acceptable the anchor pockets grouted. Water turbidity will be controlled by a containment boom and silt curtain around the active work area. Work includes removal, temporary storage and installation or replacement of construction interferences including private improvements (docks, gangways, guide pile and decks) within the prescribed work area. Removed concrete guide piles intended for re-installation shall be identified by property location and then either; stored on a materials barge, removed from the jobsite and stored offsite in a Contractor controlled yard, or cleaned of marine growth within 24hrs of removal to control odor and stored onsite within the 12 property work area in a stable manner which does not pose an adverse structural load, public safety or navigation risk. Project duration is 180 calendar days. Bonds required.

Kingsbridge Project Impact  Map

Kingsbridge Project Impact Map


It is recommended you visually and video inspect and document your dock, deck and foundation.
The contractor will also be documenting conditions prior to work.

Granting access and moving boats and docks.

Please note that the work to commence is part of the plan for preserving and protecting the seawalls as recommended by TranSystems and approved by all agencies.

Homeowners MAY move their own docks but communication with the city is important for allowing this work to commence.