10/22/15 The barge is leaving!

10/22/15 The barge is leaving!

With this project completed we are looking forward to resolving the funding issues for the additional prioritized projects.

The ongoing monitoring of the walls has indicated that the lack of rain in our area has been a bit of a blessing and yet the projected El Nino has raised concerns that the projected weather systems could bring an end to that small reprieve. In addition, the monitoring has brought to light additional areas of concern as our seawalls continue to age.

We have continued to meet with the City monthly to discuss and review work on the seawalls and facilitate communication with homeowners as needed. We have also continued to meet with the City to determine how we will finance the ultimate repairs of all the seawalls.

We hope to see you all at the upcoming Annual Meeting. We also hope that we can raise our membership to 100% in the coming year.

Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association, Annual meeting -– February 20 2016
Registration 8:30 am (bring your check!)
Meeting 9 am

Please carpool if you can or walk if you are able as the meeting room and parking fees at the hotel come out the meager funds for the HOA dues!