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This page contains non-partisan videos of City of Oxnard March 3rd Elections Measures and Initiatives information.
For non-partisan Ventura County District 5 Supervisors March 3 2020 information click here.

Measure B

Entitled Oxnard Government Accountability and Ethics Act, the aim of the measure is to increase fiscal accountability, prevent special interest influence/political conflicts of interest, improve city ethics, governance, transparency without new City powers. If passed by the Oxnard voters, the act will amend the Oxnard City Code to prohibit elected officials from accepting gifts from lobbyist/City contractors; impose contribution limits on candidates for all elected office, limit Mayor/councilmembers to three consecutive four-year terms, require posting monthly financial reports and all expensive City contracts on City’s website for public review.

Ballot Initiatives 

Below is a great series of videos about 4 Ballot Initiatives that are nicely explained in the following video series by Oxnard resident Gabreil Teran.


Oxnard Election Disclosures and Results


City Council District Election Cycle