The following is the PowerPoint Presentation from the Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association Annual Meeting February 16, 2013

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Sea Wall Update: Cameron Duncan- TranSystems

Investigation & Capital Improvement Program Overview

seawall update

  • Assess present conditions (both above and below water)
  • Calculate the wall static and seismic stability to evaluate the risk
  • Develop repair alternatives and costs
  • Prioritize repairs
  • We have collected the data in Phases A & B and assigned a relative condition ranking to each city block. When Part C is complete the community will have a 25 year Capital Improvement
  • Program report which details the timing and cost of repairs recommended to mitigate the risk of wall failures and maximize their remaining life of the seawalls.

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Phase A Investigation

  • Rapid Reconnaissance of approx 25 properties both above and under water.
  • Excavation to confirm the landside wall conditions and (10) Tie-back conditions
  • Concrete Cores with petrographic examination to determine the type of chemical attack occurring.
  • Evaluate which Testing Methods are yielding the most valuable data.
  • The results were used to develop the best value strategy of Phase B testing for the entire community.

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Phase B Investigation

  • Strategic Sampling at a minimum of 3 locations along all 3 sides of every city block (each side of a block is an exposure segment). (304) total inspection locations on (140) seawall exposure segments.
  • Testing included: Visual descriptions, photos, measurements and relative rating by two separate engineering teams; non-subjective materials testing and non-subjective Non Destructive Testing.
  • Each exposure segment was then ranked by weighted calibration of the data.
  • Rankings are adjusted to connect trends between data points and isolate out “high risk” anomalies which may require individual attention vs. the repair of an otherwise good condition segment.

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Above Water Findings

  • Seawall Scaling/Erosion is due to an expansive reaction called alkali-silica reactivity.
  • Silica in the concrete aggregate reacts with the salt (alkalis) in the seawater. The loss or depth of weak concrete ranges from 0-4” of depth and varies dramatically by seawall exposure/environmental orientation. In general this damage is worse on Zurn walls but structurally significant on both wall types.
  • The back face of the wall is in significantly better condition than the front face.
  • The tie-back rods are in generally in good condition.
  • The Boise Wall Pilasters repairs are performing well but there are additional properties in timely need of this repair.

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Image 1 of Above Water Findings

seawall Slide 11

Image 1 of Above Water Findings

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Image 2 of Above Water Findings

Slide 2

Image 2 of Above Water Findings

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Image 3 of Above Water Findings

Slide 3

Image 3 of Above Water Findings

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Image 4 of Above Water Findings

Slide 4

Image 4 of Above Water Findings

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Loss of Wall Cross Section

Loss of Wall Cross Section

Loss of Wall Cross Section

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[expand title=”Wall Face Concept Repairs” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Wall Face Concept Repairs

Wall Face Concept Repairs

Wall Face Concept Repairs

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Below Water Findings

Below Water Findings Slide 1

Below Water Findings Slide 1: Slope repairs are working well, where performed, but a dozen areas of undermining concern were identified by the engineering crew which swam all 7 miles of the seawall in Phase B.

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Below Water Findings 2

Below Water Findings - Slide 2

Below Water Findings – Slide 2: Continuous 1″ wide Separations occur on many Zurn wall foundations between cutoff wall and footing. It is a concern since marine bores may be able to access to timber piling. It is a very inexpensive fix to fill with sand.

[expand title=”Highest Priority Repairs” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Highest Priority Repairs

2010-2140 Kingsbridge Way Wall Rotation $532K
Wall Rotation & Settlement Monitoring Program $24K
125′ of Undermined Foundations $175K
240′ of Cut-off Wall to Foundation Gap $30K
Concrete Jacket repairs for serious spalling on (42) Boise pilasters $200K
3900-3966 West Hemlock between Napoli & Ravoli Drive – Cracked Pilasters & Panels $1,213K

[expand title=”Kingsbridge Way” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Kingsbridge Way

1.75” of movement

Kingsbridge Way image 1: 1.75″ of movement

7 degrees of rotation

Kingsbridge Way image 2: 7 degrees of rotation

[expand title=”West Hemlock” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

West Hemlock –

(4) panels with Flexural Overstress Cracks, (4) Pilasters with Overstress Cracks

West Hemlock –  4 panels with Flexural Overstress Cracks; 4 Pilasters with Overstress Cracks

West Hemlock – (4) panels with Flexural Overstress Cracks; (4) Pilasters with Overstress Cracks

[expand title=”Honored Guests at meeting” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Honored Guests

  • Supervisor John Zaragoza
  • Mayor Tim Flynn

[expand title=”Consent Agenda” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Consent Agenda

  • 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • 2012 Treasurer’s Report
  • 2013 Proposed Budget

[expand title=”Election of New Officers” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Election of New Officers

  • Bill Clark
  • Bill Scarpino
  • Trevor Smith
  • Matthew Steinorth

[expand title=”2012 Board of Directors” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

2012 Board of Directors

  • President- Bill Clark
  • Vice President- Bill Scarpino
  • Treasurer- Matthew Steinorth
  • Secretary- Tom Shideler
  • Water Quality Chair- Trevor Smith
  • Landscape Chair- Keith Beckwith
  • Seawalls- Steve Booth

Special Contributors-

  • Editor of Currents/Website- Howard Tamaroff
  • And Alison Gabel

[expand title=”Landscape Update” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Landscape Update

New Contractor (Kaneko Landscaping) started in July 2012

They have begun program to re-plant along Harbor Blvd. Start with thinning out existing landscape. Plan to start replanting this Spring.

For problems or comments call:
Charles Gonzales  (805) 385-7950  or
Keith Beckwith      (805) 338-4466
 Fax reporting forms available on back table

[expand title=”Water Quality Update” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Water Quality Update

  • DR Horton completed their 5-year commitment to testing the water within Seabridge
  • Working with City to continue testing
  • Working with Seabridge and Westport to create a organization to advocate for better water quality
  • Working to expand the area of testing to the entire harbor
  • Last testing showed a rise in DDT and decreased oxygen levels


The Board’s role on behalf of the owners
and residents of Mandalay Bay is to:

Monitor Maintenance and Advocate for the Timely Repair and Maintenance of the Mandalay Bay Seawalls and Channels.