Our annual meetings are normally held in February.

February 20 2016, CIWHA Annual Meeting

The Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association held the annual meeting at Embassy Suites Mandalay.

The following is an update – notes on the 2016 Annual Meeting:

For the complete slides presentation click below – the presentation includes the Seawall status report by TranSystems!

Thank you to our Honored Guests!

Mayor Tim Flynn

City Manager, Greg Nyhoff

NBS consultant Greg Ghironzi

Officer Paul Knapp – Beat 21 Coordinator

Beat 21 Information

Beat Coordinator Email: paul.knapp@oxnardpd.org

Oxnard PD Contact Information: All contacts oxnardpd.org

Oxnard crime data is now hosted on www.crimemapping.com, click below to leave the channelislandsca.com site and go to www.crimemapping.com site.

Roger Brooks – Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is located in the Service Center at 214 South C St. Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 6:00pm, and every other Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Please call 805-385-7940 to contact us. After hours messages will be processed and returned the next business day.


For problems or comments please call: Sergio Cervantes (805) 385-7950 (Oxnard Maintenance Supervisor)

or the CIWHA board member:
Keith Beckwith (805) 338-4466

Eric S. Newman of TranSystems Seawall Update

Eric S. Newman of TranSystems made a presentation and provided a monitoring update on the status of the Seawalls
The presentation is available in the slides presented in the link at the top of the page, or for only the Seawall update slides: SEAWALL_ONLY_CIWHA ANNUAL MEETING 2-20-16 TranSystems.

Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association Annual Meeting February 16, 2013

The following is the PowerPoint Presentation from the Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association Annual Meeting February 16, 2013

Click a title below to expand contents:

[expand title=”Sea Wall Update” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Sea Wall Update: Cameron Duncan- TranSystems

Investigation & Capital Improvement Program Overview

seawall update

  • Assess present conditions (both above and below water)
  • Calculate the wall static and seismic stability to evaluate the risk
  • Develop repair alternatives and costs
  • Prioritize repairs
  • We have collected the data in Phases A & B and assigned a relative condition ranking to each city block. When Part C is complete the community will have a 25 year Capital Improvement
  • Program report which details the timing and cost of repairs recommended to mitigate the risk of wall failures and maximize their remaining life of the seawalls.

[expand title=”Phase A Investigation” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Phase A Investigation

  • Rapid Reconnaissance of approx 25 properties both above and under water.
  • Excavation to confirm the landside wall conditions and (10) Tie-back conditions
  • Concrete Cores with petrographic examination to determine the type of chemical attack occurring.
  • Evaluate which Testing Methods are yielding the most valuable data.
  • The results were used to develop the best value strategy of Phase B testing for the entire community.

[expand title=”Phase B Investigation” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Phase B Investigation

  • Strategic Sampling at a minimum of 3 locations along all 3 sides of every city block (each side of a block is an exposure segment). (304) total inspection locations on (140) seawall exposure segments.
  • Testing included: Visual descriptions, photos, measurements and relative rating by two separate engineering teams; non-subjective materials testing and non-subjective Non Destructive Testing.
  • Each exposure segment was then ranked by weighted calibration of the data.
  • Rankings are adjusted to connect trends between data points and isolate out “high risk” anomalies which may require individual attention vs. the repair of an otherwise good condition segment.

[expand title=”Above Water Findings” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Above Water Findings

  • Seawall Scaling/Erosion is due to an expansive reaction called alkali-silica reactivity.
  • Silica in the concrete aggregate reacts with the salt (alkalis) in the seawater. The loss or depth of weak concrete ranges from 0-4” of depth and varies dramatically by seawall exposure/environmental orientation. In general this damage is worse on Zurn walls but structurally significant on both wall types.
  • The back face of the wall is in significantly better condition than the front face.
  • The tie-back rods are in generally in good condition.
  • The Boise Wall Pilasters repairs are performing well but there are additional properties in timely need of this repair.

[expand title=”Image 1 of Above Water Findings” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Image 1 of Above Water Findings

seawall Slide 11

Image 1 of Above Water Findings

[expand title=”Image 2 of Above Water Findings” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Image 2 of Above Water Findings

Slide 2

Image 2 of Above Water Findings

[expand title=”Image 3 of Above Water Findings” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Image 3 of Above Water Findings

Slide 3

Image 3 of Above Water Findings

[expand title=”Image 4 of Above Water Findings” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Image 4 of Above Water Findings

Slide 4

Image 4 of Above Water Findings

[expand title=”Loss of Wall Cross Section” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Loss of Wall Cross Section

Loss of Wall Cross Section

Loss of Wall Cross Section

[expand title=”Scaling/Erosion” rel=”hoa-highlander”]




[expand title=”Wall Face Concept Repairs” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Wall Face Concept Repairs

Wall Face Concept Repairs

Wall Face Concept Repairs

[expand title=”Below Water Findings 1″ rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Below Water Findings

Below Water Findings Slide 1

Below Water Findings Slide 1: Slope repairs are working well, where performed, but a dozen areas of undermining concern were identified by the engineering crew which swam all 7 miles of the seawall in Phase B.

[expand title=”Below Water Findings 2″ rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Below Water Findings 2

Below Water Findings - Slide 2

Below Water Findings – Slide 2: Continuous 1″ wide Separations occur on many Zurn wall foundations between cutoff wall and footing. It is a concern since marine bores may be able to access to timber piling. It is a very inexpensive fix to fill with sand.

[expand title=”Highest Priority Repairs” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Highest Priority Repairs

2010-2140 Kingsbridge Way Wall Rotation $532K
Wall Rotation & Settlement Monitoring Program $24K
125′ of Undermined Foundations $175K
240′ of Cut-off Wall to Foundation Gap $30K
Concrete Jacket repairs for serious spalling on (42) Boise pilasters $200K
3900-3966 West Hemlock between Napoli & Ravoli Drive – Cracked Pilasters & Panels $1,213K

[expand title=”Kingsbridge Way” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Kingsbridge Way

1.75” of movement

Kingsbridge Way image 1: 1.75″ of movement

7 degrees of rotation

Kingsbridge Way image 2: 7 degrees of rotation

[expand title=”West Hemlock” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

West Hemlock –

(4) panels with Flexural Overstress Cracks, (4) Pilasters with Overstress Cracks

West Hemlock –  4 panels with Flexural Overstress Cracks; 4 Pilasters with Overstress Cracks

West Hemlock – (4) panels with Flexural Overstress Cracks; (4) Pilasters with Overstress Cracks

[expand title=”Honored Guests at meeting” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Honored Guests

  • Supervisor John Zaragoza
  • Mayor Tim Flynn

[expand title=”Consent Agenda” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Consent Agenda

  • 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • 2012 Treasurer’s Report
  • 2013 Proposed Budget

[expand title=”Election of New Officers” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Election of New Officers

  • Bill Clark
  • Bill Scarpino
  • Trevor Smith
  • Matthew Steinorth

[expand title=”2012 Board of Directors” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

2012 Board of Directors

  • President- Bill Clark
  • Vice President- Bill Scarpino
  • Treasurer- Matthew Steinorth
  • Secretary- Tom Shideler
  • Water Quality Chair- Trevor Smith
  • Landscape Chair- Keith Beckwith
  • Seawalls- Steve Booth

Special Contributors-

  • Editor of Currents/Website- Howard Tamaroff
  • And Alison Gabel

[expand title=”Landscape Update” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Landscape Update

New Contractor (Kaneko Landscaping) started in July 2012

They have begun program to re-plant along Harbor Blvd. Start with thinning out existing landscape. Plan to start replanting this Spring.

For problems or comments call:
Charles Gonzales  (805) 385-7950  or
Keith Beckwith      (805) 338-4466
 Fax reporting forms available on back table

[expand title=”Water Quality Update” rel=”hoa-highlander”]

Water Quality Update

  • DR Horton completed their 5-year commitment to testing the water within Seabridge
  • Working with City to continue testing
  • Working with Seabridge and Westport to create a organization to advocate for better water quality
  • Working to expand the area of testing to the entire harbor
  • Last testing showed a rise in DDT and decreased oxygen levels


The Board’s role on behalf of the owners
and residents of Mandalay Bay is to:

Monitor Maintenance and Advocate for the Timely Repair and Maintenance of the Mandalay Bay Seawalls and Channels.