November 2016 Seawall Update

The next two rounds of monitoring will take place in December 2016 and June 2017

The monitoring is when TranSystems measures degradation and assesses the conditions of walls and areas known to have issues as well as reviewing the area for potential new issues.

Pilaster Repairs & Design Schedule:

  • Field Measurements by 12/2/16
  • 100% Plans by 1/13/17
  • Permits (in conjunction with West Hemlock) by 8/28/17 – (hopefully sooner!)

Hemlock Project

Complete followup on Hemlock field work is still pending the results of the geotechnical report.

TranSystems suspects that the cause of the flexural cracking in four of the panels and four of the pilasters on West Hemlock Street is due to one or more of the following factors:

  1. Low Panel Capacity due to insufficient steel reinforcing, incorrectly placed reinforcing and/or low concrete compressive strength.
  2. Local Soil Pressures higher than typical soil loading throughout community.
  3. Inadequate Wall Drainage behind wall resulting in added hydrostatic pressure.
  4. Wall Overload due to heavy equipment placed too close to wall.

As part of the investigation to determine the cause of the flexural cracking in the panels and pilasters, TranSystems conducted a field investigation consisting of the following measurements:

  1. Soil Borings
  2. Concrete Core Sampling for Compression Testing
  3. Radar Mapping of rebar location & depth
  4. Selected Local Demolition to confirm rebar size, depth and corrosion rate

To date the Engineers have learned:

  1. Concrete Strength – The tested concrete has a compressive strength of 5,000 psi which is greater than the assumed strength of 3,000 psi. The panel is 8″ thick which matches the as-built drawings.
  2. Rebar – The panel rebar size and spacing matches the as-built drawings. The rebar does not have any section loss. The clear cover on the face of the panels averages 3″ which is greater than the assumed cover of 2.5″. The extra 0.5″ of cover is good for durability; however, it results in a lower bending moment capacity of the wall panel due to a smaller lever arm.
  3. SoilGeotech Report in Progress. Once Geotech Recommendations are received the Engineers will analyze the wall for the recommended soil and hydrostatic loading.

October 2016: Seawall Projects Status Update

There are engineering design projects underway even though we still have not heard back ANY information regarding the solution to the long standing knowledge that our Assessment District does not collect enough money to fund the known repairs and maintenance projects that have been determined.

Another maintenance project has also been added that involves the painting of the guardrails – many have paint flaking off exposing the treated wood.

A note to homeowners: If you have your deck replaced and discover a void beneath it – please contact the seawall team!

The good news is that are projects underway.

The presentation at the Annual Meeting in February 2016 had the following listed as high priority:

2016 Repair – Pilaster Jackets


  • Repair (50) of the worst condition pilasters prior to the corrosion damage destroying the tie-back rods which then require costly “shoring” to brace the wall during repairs.


The pilaster repair plans which have been used in the past the plans were designed over 12 years ago and must be reviewed and updated to be permitted by the California Coastal Commission. While this projects is still a top priority – environmental permitting is required for all seawall repairs.

2016 Repair – West Hemlock


  • (4) Boise Wall panels and (4) pilasters with Flexural Overstress Cracks
  • These cracks provide direct access for seawater to corrode the reinforcing steel which will cause premature failures
  • A Pilot Program will explore using varying repair methods to identify the “best value solution” for future use on all Boise walls.

Field work has begun!

Tests are being performed to analyze stress in pilasters and concrete, Geotech Drilling 20ft for analysis of soil pressure, concrete cores and compression strength, imaging of rebar. The data from the field work will be used to complete the design plans.

The following is the draft proposed project schedule – meaning best case – plus budget

The hope is that the follow-up performance evaluations will identify a best method to deploy for many areas of the overall seawall.

2016 – Maintenance Dredging

  • Perform a Hydrographic Survey of the seafloor for the entire community in 2016 and then identify the areas in need of dredging. Work on Design & Environmental Permits for work in 2017

3 year Forecast

Included in the 3 year forecast below are numbers for all of the “north of the bridge” developments as they are a part of the Marine Engineering Services plan.
Please note that these numbers do not include the “Landscape Maintenance” numbers. The first year of Mandalay bay includes ONLY Engineering and Design. The longer term projections are still unfunded.


Completed Repairs

Fill Underwater Gaps

In 2014 underwater Vinyl Sheet Pile repairs were completed at (7) locations to protect the timber piling from Marine Borers.

In 2014 low cost repairs completed to infill the gap on the top of the footing at (14) locations and between the slope protection (fabric and concrete mat) and the face of the footing at (5) locations.

Kingsbridge Way

2015 Repair – New 200’ concrete wale & tieback soil anchors

See: Where has all the Money Gone

February 20 2016, CIWHA Annual Meeting

The Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association held the annual meeting at Embassy Suites Mandalay.

The following is an update – notes on the 2016 Annual Meeting:

For the complete slides presentation click below – the presentation includes the Seawall status report by TranSystems!

Thank you to our Honored Guests!

Mayor Tim Flynn

City Manager, Greg Nyhoff

NBS consultant Greg Ghironzi

Officer Paul Knapp – Beat 21 Coordinator

Beat 21 Information

Beat Coordinator Email:

Oxnard PD Contact Information: All contacts

Oxnard crime data is now hosted on, click below to leave the site and go to site.

Roger Brooks – Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is located in the Service Center at 214 South C St. Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 6:00pm, and every other Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Please call 805-385-7940 to contact us. After hours messages will be processed and returned the next business day.


For problems or comments please call: Sergio Cervantes (805) 385-7950 (Oxnard Maintenance Supervisor)

or the CIWHA board member:
Keith Beckwith (805) 338-4466

Eric S. Newman of TranSystems Seawall Update

Eric S. Newman of TranSystems made a presentation and provided a monitoring update on the status of the Seawalls
The presentation is available in the slides presented in the link at the top of the page, or for only the Seawall update slides: SEAWALL_ONLY_CIWHA ANNUAL MEETING 2-20-16 TranSystems.

Completion of Kingsbridge Way Project (October 22, 2015)

10/22/15 The barge is leaving!

10/22/15 The barge is leaving!

With this project completed we are looking forward to resolving the funding issues for the additional prioritized projects.

The ongoing monitoring of the walls has indicated that the lack of rain in our area has been a bit of a blessing and yet the projected El Nino has raised concerns that the projected weather systems could bring an end to that small reprieve. In addition, the monitoring has brought to light additional areas of concern as our seawalls continue to age.

We have continued to meet with the City monthly to discuss and review work on the seawalls and facilitate communication with homeowners as needed. We have also continued to meet with the City to determine how we will finance the ultimate repairs of all the seawalls.

We hope to see you all at the upcoming Annual Meeting. We also hope that we can raise our membership to 100% in the coming year.

Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association, Annual meeting -– February 20 2016
Registration 8:30 am (bring your check!)
Meeting 9 am

Please carpool if you can or walk if you are able as the meeting room and parking fees at the hotel come out the meager funds for the HOA dues!

Updates on Kingsbridge Way

This page will contain schedule updates as we get them!

As this project nears the end please also see: Ongoing Maintenance

20150818_085014_Kingsbridge Way

Progress report


October The concrete has set and the frames removed. The docks will be replaced soon!

  • COMPLETED John S. Meek Company is scheduled to mobilize the Barge on June 1, 2015.
  • COMPLETED JSM will also start removing the existing piles and docks once survey is completed on June 2nd.
  • COMPLETED ALL Anchors have been drilled and placed
  • Pull and Stress Testing exceeded specification requirements.
  • COMPLETED The Drill rig has been pulled from the barge (week of Aug 17)
  • COMPLETED The frames and forms are being set up for support framework on the wall face.
  • October 15 The concrete has set and the frames removed. The docks will be replaced soon!
  • 20150823_125617_Kingsbridge Way

There is a YouTube Playlist here:

Or watch below: (click the upper left corner below to see the other videos)

Letter and Schedule

This attachment contains the estimated Timeline for the Kingsbridge Way Project [Kingsbridge Progress Schedule 05-20-15]

The following letter has been sent and made available by Meeks Construction – we welcome them to our Seawalls!

May 21, 2015 SL2434-001
Residents, Businesses, Agencies
Kingsbridge Way – Mandalay Bay Sea Wall
Oxnard, CA

Subject: Notice to Commence Construction Activities for Kingsbridge Way Wall Repairs

To Whom It May Concern:

The City of Oxnard and the Department of General Services have awarded a project to John S. Meek Company to make repairs to the Kingsbridge Way Wall – Mandalay Bay Sea Walls.

The Project is scheduled to commence on June 1, 2015 with completion expected by October 2015.

Construction will require that street and marine traffic have limited access during the project. Crews on site will work to limit the time in which traffic will be inconvenienced.

It is the intention of the contractor, John S. Meek Company and the City of Oxnard to complete this work as soon as possible to limit the inconvenience to the adjacent residents, businesses, and agencies that may be affected by this work.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please call Alex Valle, Project Manager John S. Meek Company at (310) 505-4017.

John S. Meek Company

Alex Valle
Project Manager

Notes on Seawall Stabilization Project Meeting May 16th

CIWHOA_MAY_16_2015_Notes (pdf)

This meeting was attended by approximately 30 residents and homeowners, 2 City Representatives (Raymond Williams and Bruce Sneed), 2 representatives from Meeks Construction (Ken Allred and James Jilk); and Cameron Duncan from TranSystems (who also generously supplied bakery goods and fresh strawberries!)

10:30 Welcome
Bill Clark President of Channel Islands Waterfront Homeowners Association welcomed all who attended. He spoke about the importance of this long awaited high priority project and the efforts to continue to work with the City and Homeowners to continue to work towards funding for the additional high priority projects that have been identified.

10:35 Project Overview
Ray Williams, City of Oxnard Utility Department, Design & Construction Services offered business cards and his direct contact information to facilitate communications and concerns after the meeting and during the project about to begin. He introduced the City of Oxnard Public Works Inspector, Bruce Sneed who will be following up and inspecting the project. Ray provided an overview of the project and turned the meeting over to Ken Allred of Meeks Construction.
Raymond Williams email: Office: 805 385-7902

10:40 Meeks Construction Timeline
Meeks Construction (Ken Allred)

  • Dates for boat & dock removals June 1st
    * (
    3 Shared Docks and boats to be moved: 2020 & 2030, 2040 & 2050, 2100 & 2110
    Boats only to be moved: 2120
    2000 & 2010 no move required but during loading to and from barge access to channel may be limited.
  • Estimated timeline and work schedule: 4 months to complete – they will probably not be working weekends but may be working earlier and later than normal construction times to take advantage of best tides for this work. They will be staging equipment in the parking area of the green-strip between Kingsbridge Way and Jamestown Way. Traffic may be slightly impacted when they are loading equipment to and from the work barge.
  • Video Documentation May 26th & 27th  (addresses on Kingsbridge Way: 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2100, 2110, 2120, 2013, 2140, 2144)
    These inspection and evaluations will be performed to assess and document current conditions of decks and properties. It would be beneficial if this could all be scheduled on a SINGLE DAY either the 26th or 27th of MAY.
    * (see:

10:50 Transystems
Cameron Duncan answered a question regarding surface spalling and the degrading condition of other walls, which lead into him explaining the analysis, prioritization and monitoring the entirety of Mandalay Bay.

Mr Duncan illustrated the engineering design of Kingsbridge Stabilization project and clarified that this project has nothing to do with another high priority project which is an R&D test project of the current products and processes for applying a surface repair and protection to the face of the seawalls throughout the harbor – all of which have been documented and are being monitored every 6 months. But the actual R&D Project is unfunded and there is not enough funding from the annual assessment funds to fund this project even with a 50/50 agreement with the city.

Cameron also spoke of additional repairs and maintenance that have been defined and prioritized and are currently unfunded and expressed concerns regarding the difference between the unfunded amount and the many times higher costs of replacing following a failure.

11:00 Questions & Answers
Facilitated by Ray Williams

Questions were asked about boat relocation Resources (see below)

A question was asked as to the status of the slope protection projects and Ray answered that that project was now complete.

Questions were asked about the condition of the walls at individual addresses. Cameron Duncan explained the monitoring and recordkeeping by “Block” within each channel. Ray introduced Robert Freeland as the HOA rep engineer with all of the records who would be happy to answer any questions regarding specific locations. Robert Freeland

Ray reminded us that there are two types of seawalls: the “Boise” wall in the eastern part of the development and the “Zurn” wall in the western portion. Peninsula road separates the two different walls. Together the seawalls are more than 7 miles long. (

The various issues and conditions are studied and considered as one infrastructure with varying needs.

The first steps are also being taken for the testing to evaluate the needs of dredging for the entire are north of the bridge.

11:30 Thank you
Bill Clark thanked all for attending!


Boat relocation resources & assistance form

Video Documentation scheduling form


Video Documentation Schedule

Meeks Construction peformed video documentation of the conditions of decks, docks and properties and would like to schedule the work for one of the following days:

  • May 26th
  • May 27th

There were 2 locations not fully documented due to unavailability of owners for access.

Boat Relocation Information

Boat Relocation Information

If you would like assistance please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Most spaces require the following or similar:
• Operator must provide valid / current certificate of vessel numbers in owner’s name.
• Current Copy of insurance policy showing $(amount varies) liability coverage with the Marina additionally listed.

We have communicated the needs with the following – if you would like to follow up on your own:

The Yacht Club At Channel Islands Harbor 4308 Tradewinds Drive, Channel Islands Harbor, California 93035 (805) 832-4226 *
The Yacht Club
At Channel Islands Harbor
4308 Tradewinds Drive
Channel Islands Harbor, California 93035
(805) 832-4226 *

Contact Karen at Channel Islands Harbor Marina for more information :  805-984-7780
Contact Karen at Channel Islands Harbor Marina for more information : 805-984-7780
Office: (805)984-7780
Fax: (805)984-7764

(805) 973-5959
Gary Hirtensteiner
Harbor Master
Channel Islands Harbor Department
3900 Pelican Way
Oxnard, CA 93035


Also The Ventura County Harbor Department has a Small Boat Marina that accommodates vessels 25’ or less with a monthly rate of $260.00. This option requires a vessel inspection, deposits and a lease agreement with the Harbor Department. Anyone interested in this can call the Harbor Patrol at (805)973-5959 to get more information.

Assistance form:

You can fill out the online form below or save this pdf: CIWHOA Boat Relocation Information and Assistance Form (Fillable PDF) Fill it out and drop it off at 2110.

Your Name (required)

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Your Boat Address
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