Landscape in Mandalay Bay

The next Landscape meeting will be held March 16th, 2017 Thursday – 9 AM

Keith Beckwith our Landscape Committee chairman has scheduled a follow-up meeting on landscape issues and concerns with William Smith, City of Oxnard.

We hope to have more information of a number of issues raised at the Landscape meeting in February plus items submitted following the Annual meeting:

1) Vendors and process for removal of greenery hanging over seawalls
(Greenstrips and private property)

2) Dead Tree removal status update.

3) Removal of liability issues (swings or other playground equipment are not allowed in greenstrips due to insurance liability issues)

4) Communication with homeowners: Please do not leave trash receptacles or anything in the greenstrips that would block landscape workers.

5) Information about Statement of Work included with Landscape bidding.


If you are unable to attend, you can post questions or concerns on Nextdoor or BELOW

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It has come to our attention that a number of homeowners are maintaining the greenstrips because of a number of issues ranging from broken sprinkler heads, dead grass, dying trees, overgrowth etc.

Please report issues rather than try to correct them yourself.

Please post your comments at the bottom of this page!

Or contact Keith directly

We also would like to encourage you to try the 311 APP offered by the City of Oxnard:

Oxnard 311 Click for download page
Oxnard 311 helps you stay connected to your City. With Oxnard 311, you can submit a service request – fix a pothole, replace a sign, report graffiti, and more. Your request is instantly routed to the right person in the right department at City Hall. This means your request is responded to quickly and you’ll be notified as soon as the service is complete. Oxnard 311 is also a great way to get City news and emergency notifications.

Hey – we got a rock!

Keith (CIWHOA Landscape Rep) has been asking for a very long time if the city could not do something about protecting the sprinkler apparatus in the greenstrips because they get watered and mowed regularly – not good for little wires and small batteries. Keith has also asked (repeatedly) if there could not be some levels of reporting and accountability…

Look - a Rock!

Look – a Rock!

Close to half of or current assessment money goes to landscaping we certainly want to make sure this is money well spent!

UPDATE 7/13/16: That price may increase – The city renewed the contract with Kaneko Landscaping Services, Inc. for Eight
Maintenance Assessment Districts (5/10) OURS IS NOT INCLUDED: Kaneko Landscaping Agreement.
We want feedback before our renewal occurs!

If you have images you would like posted here please note that in your comments and we will get in touch with a way to get them posted.

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This vendor was selected to maintain eight districts (see handout link below). Bert Perello says this is the same vendor who didn’t provide services adequately, but now at TWICE the price. Tree trimming, fence repair and landscaping quality were issues. Dan Rydburg says the scope is larger and inspection will be stringent. He blamed Oxnard mismanagement, but said he wasn’t involved at the time and may not have all the facts. The vendor has doubled the price and is said to be the lowest-priced “qualified bidder.” A discussion ensued on what constitutes a “qualified bidder.”