Jul 31, 2014

The Oxnard City Council declared a Stage 2 Water shortage condition within the City and adopted mandatory water conservation measures to address the ongoing severe drought conditions. The resolution was adopted during the July 28, 2014 meeting and became effective immediately.

The State Water Resources Board’s (SWRCB) adopted resolution No 2014-0038 on July 15, 2014, in which SWRCB imposes emergency regulation for statewide urban water conservation. This resolution required that water suppliers, such as the City of Oxnard, implement mandatory conservation measures by August 1, 2014.

The City’s resolution, prohibits and imposes a range of water conservation measures that are designed to reduce consumption of potable water in a variety of uses. Residents, commercial establishments, municipal and schools are required to implement the following water conservation measures:

  • The use of running water from a hose, pipe, or faucet to clean buildings, pavement, tile, wood, plastic, driveways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces, is prohibited, except for compelling public health and safety reasons. If allowed, a hose with a positive shut-off nozzle must be used;
  • All restaurants that provide table service shall post, in a conspicuous place, a notice of water shortage conditions and shall refrain from serving water except upon specific request by a customer;
  • Use of potable water to fill or refill recreational or ornamental lakes, ponds or fountains is prohibited;
  • Operators of hotels, motels, and other commercial establishments offering lodgings shall post in each room a notice of water shortage conditions, encouraging water conservation practices;
  • Any use of water that causes runoff to occur beyond the immediate vicinity of use is prohibited;
  • Watering of lawns, ornamental turf, trees, shrubs, vegetation, landscape and other outside irrigation is prohibited except between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. during daylight saving, no more than twice a week. Use of a hand held hose with positive shut-off nozzle, bucket, or micro irrigation systems/equipment is encouraged;
  • Irrigation is permitted for ground cover for fire protection purposes and erosion control.
  • Depending on the severity of the water shortage conditions, outside residential, municipal or commercial landscape irrigation may be prohibited.
  • Boats and vehicles shall be washed only at commercial wash facilities that recycle their wash water; by use of a bucket and hose equipped with a self-closing valve that requires operator pressure to activate the flow of water; or by mobile high pressure/low volume professional services;
  • Watering to maintain the level of water in swimming pools shall occur only when necessary. A pool cover shall be used to conserve water when the pool is not in use. Draining of pools or refilling shall be done only for health or safety reasons.
  • Irrigation of parks, school ground areas, and road median landscaping will not be permitted more than twice a week and only if necessary.

Failure to comply and/or implement the water conservation measures is punishable by a fine of up to one hundred dollars ($100) for a first violation; two hundred dollars ($200) for a second violation within one year and five hundred dollars ($500) for a third and every additional violation within one year. Each day that a violation occurs shall constitute a new and separate offense and may be prosecuted as such.

For more information on Oxnard’s Mandatory Water Conservation measure, visit the City’s Water Conservation website or contact Water Conservation Outreach Services at (805) 385-8136

As part of the Water Conservation Program, the City offers programs to residents and businesses. To learn more and to apply for these programs visit

Diego Zabala
Water Conservation Program
(805) 385-8136

ReBid on Kingsbridge Way Project

The project plans have been revised to propose more flexibility in hopes of attracting a bid.

The following can be found (as of 7/24/14)

Project Details ID No: 364689
Project Title: Rebid – Kingsbridge Way Wall Repair – Mandalay Bay Seawalls Project, Oxnard
Project Reference: PW14-03R Category: Engineering
Bid Due date: Jul, 23 2014 at 02:00 PM Owner Type: Public
Project Estimate:
Project Details: The proposed repairs include drilling and installation of (20) grouted tie-backs into the earth using pre-stressing strands which are anchored into a new cast-in-place concrete beam installed on the face of the seawall. The new beam will run continuous for 196 feet on the exterior of the seawall near the mean high tide line. The work will be performed in dry conditions, but the formwork and beam will be submerged by high tides during the construction period. Drilling debris and any excess grout will be entrapped at each work station for disposal. After the wale has cured the anchors will be pull-tested and if acceptable the anchor pockets grouted. Water turbidity will be controlled by a containment boom and silt curtain around the active work area. Work includes removal, temporary storage and installation or replacement of construction interferences including private improvements (docks, gangways, guide pile and decks) within the prescribed work area. Removed concrete guide piles intended for re-installation shall be identified by property location and then either; stored on a materials barge, removed from the jobsite and stored offsite in a Contractor controlled yard, or cleaned of marine growth within 24hrs of removal to control odor and stored onsite within the 12 property work area in a stable manner which does not pose an adverse structural load, public safety or navigation risk. Project duration is 180 calendar days. Bonds required.
License: A
State: California County: Ventura
Prebid Meeting: Scheduled Prebid Date/Time: Jun, 25 2014 at 09:30 AM
Location: City Council Chambers City Civic Center 305 West Third St. Oxnard, CA
Published By Construction Bid Source, LLC on Jun, 11 2014
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Slope Protection & Foundation Repair Notice to Residents with Wavier

UPDATE: Slope Protection & Foundation Repair Work Schedule for July Aug Sept 2014 Mandalay Bay

Some residents in Mandalay Bay have been sent letters from the City of Oxnard regarding Slope Protection & Foundation Repair activities to commence on seawalls.

Please note that the work to commence is part of the plan for preserving and protecting the seawalls as recommended by TranSystems and approved by all agencies.

Homeowners MAY move their own docks but communication with the city is important for allowing this work to commence.

Dear Resident, June 18, 2014
The City of Oxnard, through its contractor Harbor Offshore, Inc., will be performing seawall maintenance at your property. The repairs are general seawall maintenance activities that will fix minor defects that have been observed and documented.

The contractor will need to access the seawall from the channel to make these repairs. This access can be accomplished in one of two (2) ways. Allow the contractor to use your dock as a work platform, or remove the dock to allow access to the seawall for repairs.

Included with this letter is a release from Harbor Offshore, Inc. It is purposed with protecting the contractor from false claims of damage from working on docks that are in poor condition and in need of repair or replacement as a result of deferred maintenance by the dock owner. The contractor will take all necessary precautions to minimize the possibility of damaging the dock while working from it. If the dock is damaged as a result of the contractors work activities, the damaged area will be repaired by the contractor. The release is focused on working from docks that are in poor and substandard condition and removing the opportunity to make damage claims about the work activity causing damage to the docks that are already in poor condition due to neglect on the property owners part.

The second way access can be achieved is by removing the dock from the pilings and relocating during the work activities. The docks are the property owner’s responsibility to remove and relocate during the seawall repairs per the dock easement granted to the property owner by the City of Oxnard. The contractor will provide a two (2) week notice as to the date and duration that the dock will need to be relocated . Please keep in mind that some repair activities will require access to the seawall from the land side using your property for access. The contractor will provide adequate notice to you in these cases.

The project is in the final stages of the environmental permitting and is expected to begin in early July. Please sign and return the waiver or request to be notified regarding the required dock relocation period by June 27,2014. Please contact Raymond Williams, Project Manager at, or (805) 385-7902 with any question or concerns you may have.