NOTICE TO HOMEOWNER – Seawall Maintenance Work in Progress

Some (NOT ALL) Homeowners have received Notice to Residents 3-12-14 with requests for waivers to be signed for “Work in Progress” under the agreement with Harbor Offshore Inc.

To perform this work the contractor’s personnel and equipment must enter onto and use both the public easement on your property and any dock, gangplank, ramp, ladder, stairs, or other improvements that you have constructed or maintained across the easement or on the public waterway.

Your choices are:

A. Remove the improvements, or
B. Accept the risk of damage to the improvements if they remain in place while work on the seawall is performed

If you choose to accept the risk of damage to the improvements, then please sign the damage waiver and return the signed form to the contact person indicated below. If you would prefer to remove the improvements, no work will be done to repair the seawall adjacent to your property until the improvements are removed.

The improvements they are referencing are docks, ramps and boats.

We asked an attorney to review the waiver and have asked the City to revise the wording because it appears to say that even if the company is negligent they will not be held liable.

This is the revised waiver we believe contains more reasonable wording:

[side note added  – The city presented these revisions and they have been fully accepted!]


You can move your dock yourself or hire someone to move it for you – in that case you do not need to sign the waiver.
The city will contact you about the schedule.

We are very happy that this work is being performed!
With all of the discussion about the work required for the more problematic areas of concern (Kingsbridge and Hemlock) we can not overlook the rest of the plan for extending the life of the Seawalls! This work is a part of the ongoing maintenance plan to extend the life of the sea walls and is very important!
Details regarding the evaluations and recomendation for this work can be found in this document: Strategic_Investigation_PhaseB.pdf

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Seawall Committee Meeting – 03/07/2014

Update on Kingsbridge Project & Hemlock Research and Test Plan

Status of Timeline

We had estimated extended by 60 days?
New timeline?

Important RE: Hemlock Pilot program: We have requested a meeting with the team and the city attorney plus city finance representatives for Thursday March 13, 2014 (after lunch exact time TBD). Rob delegated coordinating this task to Lou. Cameron is also available the next week.

 Update on Kingsbridge Project

Result: The project did not meet threshold criteria for bid consideration. It was not financially large enough (less than $2.0mm) to warrant their coming up to do it. This may very likely be the case with other contractors that would otherwise be interested in Oxnard work.

Drillers: Although the drillers have not responded to inquiries from Cameron it is apparent there are many large construction projects going on between here and San Diego. These are at much higher budgets. The $2.0mm threshold issue may also be at play with the drillers.

While it was agreed that a better price may be available along with a wider choice of competitive bids if additional projects could be grouped into a package in the case of the Kingsbridge work that is not feasible Cameron will press the drillers to give him a feel of why or when they would be available to make a bid on an Oxnard project.

Cameron Update on Alternative Methodology Research

REVIEW of TransSystems “Pilot Program” document (Feb 12,2104)

There was a general review of the TranSystem’s oversight proposal for the Hemlock R&D project. Cameron made it clear that TranSystems is flexible on the monitoring portion of the scope as the city (Ray) may be fully qualified and have interest and resources for that. This would allow the City to save some money. In all, the proposal looked to be reasonable in scope and cost.

The concerns that writing an RFP for the standard bid process could not be readily structured through the City because of the need to have 3 methodologies and contractors tested. There may be higher bids because of the small scope of work for each contractor. However, the allure of getting the entire Boise project should enable contractors to cut profit to be competitive at this stage.

The bigger problem is the RFP process does not enable the bids to go to three different contractors. The lowest, qualified bidder should get all three segments. So a meeting with finance and legal is required to find a way to address the R&D aspect. This is actually a “pilot program” to prepare for a global RFP for the entire Boise project after the research and monitoring is completed. The idea to see if legal would allow TranSystems to be a master consultant to perform the three-approach R&D program. They would get the contract and subcontract the work to the three contractors. If TranSystems cannot do this, perhaps an add-on contract with Harbor Off-Shore as the prime (RFP) contractor with the same 3 subcontractors would work.

It was agreed that the standard bid process does not really apply And that input from the city attorney and finance officer is required.

The results of the pilot program would be used to define and write a global RFP for competitive bids on the ongoing Boise project with the methodology proven to be both cost and performance effective.

Community preparedness update

Extended Work Hours Petition was circulated at HOA meeting we are typing up the list for our records.

There was a very positive response to the request for signatures at the HOA meeting. This will enable the City to extend the work hours and allow for more cost effective work scheduling for repairs based on tide tables.